Juvenile Bard Pens 1st Xlibris Poetry Book – Part 1

Grade school scholar and former Long Island regional Spelling Bee champion and now Xlibris author Isabelle Scott publishes her first poetry book – Isabelle’s Muse: Poems of a Grade School Scholar.

The Xlibris Blog shines the spotlight on this exceptional young bard, as well as her academic and literary achievements.

Introducing Xlibris author Isabelle Scott

Xlibris author Isabelle Scott
Another young Xlibris talent shares her gift of writing to the world. 8-year-old poet Isabelle Scott pens her debut poetry book.

My name is Isabelle Scott, and I am eight years old. I will turn nine in May. I am from Scottingham Estate. My favorite thing to do is read. I like poetry because it’s my own ideas. My all-time favorite poem is titled “Life’s Mysteries” I like it because I wrote it myself. This is my first poetry book.

About the Xlibris book

Isabelle’s Muse is the brilliant poetry work of the two-time Walt Whitman Young Poets Award winner Isabelle Scott. This is a compilation of her work, from the third through seventh grades, offering all readers of any age, a look into the genius of a young mind who expresses her gifts through verse.

Equally enjoyable at any audience level – preschool, grade school, middle school, and high school, college, post graduate, and beyond! Published by Xlibris and available in Hard Cover, Paper Back, and eBook formats for distribution via all literary sources worldwide,  i.e. wholesalers, bookstores, and online via electronic distributors and other e-retailers including Barnes & Noble.

The author specifically designed the illustrations sporadically depicted on the opposite page, gently hinting at the imagery conveyed by the poem, but allowing ample room for the reader to fill-in the gaps with their interpolated experience and imagination.

Poignant, one of a kind, Isabelle’s Muse is the excellent creative work of a young poet who welds her genius with words … A beautiful gift to share with the literary world and to inspire other young writers to celebrate their own unique ideas as well.

A young achiever

Isabelle went on to become a two-time winner of the Walt Whitman Young Poets Award and was regional Spelling Bee champion representing Long Island, New York. Isabelle was a middle school scholar, but during her grade school years, she loved to write poetry. She enjoyed the art and recognizes that she did not have any commercial enthusiasm for the process.

More of this young talent is revealed on the sequel of this blog.

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