Xlibris News| Good News- Spring 2018

Thanks to this past spring, Xlibris has some Good News to share. Xlibris has recently celebrated its most prolific authors, as well as an author whose book has been reviewed by the New York Times.


Xlibris’ most prolific authors consist of such as John Stark, Lynette Collins, and Eva Fischer-Dixon, who have published 11, 24, and 32 books with Xlibris respectively. One author, the veterinarian Dr. Ross Clark has published over 200 books with Xlibris! Other prolific Xlibris authors include Daniel Sykes (13 books), Kathryn Collis (18 books), Lou DeCaro (16 books), and the science-fiction luminary Piers Anthony Jacob who has published 17 of his books with Xlibris.


The New York Times has also reviewed the gritty crime-drama Smoke and Mirrors: Police Dreams by Xlibris author Jordan P. Castro. In its review, the New York Times praises Jordan’s prose and writing as well as describing his dialogue as gritty and emotionally evocative.




Steve McCarter and James Essig, The Case for Pandora

Xlibris Authors| Steve McCarter and James EssigOverall, Mr. Essig’s experience working with Xlibris has been very positive and he considers the staff at Xlibris friends. Xlibris is a great, low cost option for publications of books on a wide variety of subjects and support staff take the time to smooth out issues that can arrive during the publication process.









Mirela Roznoveanu, Life on the Run

Xlibris Authors| The Most Prolific Authors to Publish with XlibrisWe witness a transmutation in today’s publishing market. The main stream publishers are looking only for books that could bring money in, they are not interested in aesthetics, and originality. That’s why the publishers that charge for publication allow today an accomplished writer to publish its own book, as it is, and not edited according to the market requirements and politically correctness of the main stream publishing houses.






David Goldstein, The Third Eye

Xlibris Author| David Goldstein, The Third EyeAs I said this is my second novel. I found the experience of publishing with Xlibris to be easier and smoother than with my previous publisher. Surprisingly the cost is not much different. I particularly like the Author Solution concept and would appreciate any comments (positive or negative) from any members.








Lamont Cox, An Open Book

Xlibris Author| Lamont Cox, An Open BookI think my favorite part(s) about this publishing experience has been the promptness each Xlibris department displayed. Everyone has been just a phone call or email away. The second thing has been having the book available online 5 days ahead of schedule.  Xlibris has been wonderful to us.








Monroe Silver, The Abandoned of God

Xlibris Publishing| Monroe Silver, The Abandoned of GodI have 2 books published by Xlibris. I knew nothing about how to get a book out to the public. The professionals I have worked with at Xlibris have “taken me under their wing” and directed me through each step of the way. I was hopeless without their fine help. Publishing a book was a “new world” for me. I had decades of ideas held in my memory that I wanted to share. After I retired, I simple starting writing and writing to get those memories recorded and organized into stories that would become books. Xlibris made my dream a reality!






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