Xlibris Celebrates 20 YEARS | Author Testimonials


In further celebration of 20 years of helping writers become published authors, Xlibris has decided to share the experiences of said authors with Xlibris, in their own words:


Xlibris Author| Kass Harker, Into Another DimensionKess Harker, Into Another Dimension, “The sense of pride in holding a printed book with your name on the cover and spine can’t be matched.”





Xlibris Author| Larry Elkins, The Concept of LoveLarry Elkins, The Concept of Love, “My favorite part of publishing The Concept of Love is that at each process it made me look at my book deeper and made me gradually make it better. With their deadlines, it helped push me along until I came to the finished product. Also there were two amazing publishing consultants that I worked with. They were very inspiring to me. They made me feel like my book was important to them and that they were very excited for me. That went a long way with me.




Scattered to Perfection by Ronald D WriteRonald D. Write, Scattered to Perfection, “They made it easy for me, any problem I had was taken care of swiftly.”





The Other Side of the Song by Meg DulyMeg Duly, The Other Side of the Song, “My favorite part was holding my beautiful books in my hands.”






From the Frozen Chosin to Churchill by Robert BrooksRobert Brooks, From the Frozen Chosin to Churchill, “Five Star. I am ecstatic at the end result, and it far exceeded my expectations. In the end result, they came through with flying colors. I couldn’t be more pleased with the product. On the issue of customer service, I know customer service like the back of my hand.  Xlibris again scores highly for my experience.”




Ravening Heart of the Wolf by Erin EldridgeErin Eldridge, Ravening Heart of the Wolf and other books, “Holding a book you’ve written in your hand and seeing your name on the cover is an amazing feeling… I liked the control the author has and I found Xlibris so helpful and professional, really great communicators, always there to advise and support, or answer queries, and they work fast, which I particularly appreciate… The finished product from Xlibris looks very professional. Also, I think if you self-publish, it impresses traditional publishers because they see that you’re totally committed to your writing. I always say, Xlibris launched me.”



Xlibris Author| Jesse Sobel, Pinnacle StationJesse Sobel, Pinnacle Station, “My favorite part of the experience with Xlibris was how professional they made the entire experience. I felt as if I were going through the same process that more famous authors went through to get their books published.”




The Amazing Adventures of Bub and Tub by Gillian WellsGillian Wells, The Amazing Adventures of Bub and Tub, “Xlibris have been very supportive and full of good advice.”






Xlibris Authors| Michael J Schultz, The Vela ProjectMichael J. Schultz, The Vela Project, “My favorite part of the experience was the ability to re-write and update many aspects of the story. By Xlibris showing a lot of patience with me, I was able to correct the issues I always felt uncomfortable with. By allowing me to do so, Xlibris helped me exponentially in becoming a better writer because at some point in the process I actually learned nuances that improved my writing. Call it a slight epiphany or whatever, but it was truly helpful to me and without Xlibris’ patience I ultimately would have been unsatisfied with my first attempt at publishing and it may have hindered my writing in the future.”



Bobbys Bully by Jacqueline WatkinsJacqueline Watkins, Bobby’s Bully, “I was so grateful to have found Xlibris. With the help of Xlibris, I was able to better understand all that goes into the completion of a book. This company allowed me to share my voice in a way that felt authentic to me. From all the emails, rough drafts, feedback, edits, illustrations, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with how promptly and meticulously they responded. I built great rapport and trust with them as they held my hand throughout the entire process of bringing my characters to life and spreading my message.”



Shivi Darubra, The Little Blue ElephantShivi Darubra, The Little Blue Elephant, “I absolutely loved my experience with Xlibris. Everyone that has helped in this process has been so thorough and organized. They understood my vision by laying out what I wanted the book to look like and recognized the importance of this subject for me. They were able to provide helpful suggestions throughout the process and ensured to follow-up with me regularly. I liked the structure with Xlibris and highly recommend their services.”




Tracey Lee, What RemainsTracey Lee, What Remains, “From the first conversation about the book as an idea, through to its arrival on my doorstep, I’ve had great advice and felt like I was really in control of the creative content of my book.”




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