Xlibris Author| Lavona Mwanza, Unspoken Words Pt 2


Xlibris Publishing returns with Lavona Mwanza, author of Unspoken Words.



Xlibris Author| Lavona Mwanza, Unspoken WordsThe more I strolled down memory lane, I came to discover that change is so inevitable and we all possess the ability to create from within. I was so set on this task of compiling my thoughts, even inspirational stories that will always resonate with me, in the later months of 2012. It all started with me going back on old topics I journaled in previous years. I started blogging my thoughts in October 2013. In my ” interim moments” much time was spent on re-writing, adding and taking away from the content. I then pursued self- publishing in 2015 and had an informal launch of my book with family and friends. Sadly this is where I left it for most of 2015. Later part of 2015 I researched some publishing companies and one in particular in SA declined taking on my project at that stage. I continued in 2016 my quest to search for someone willing to take my hand and lead me to where I am today.



I hope that some of the content shared will take them back to events and experiences in their lives, bringing back a sense of fulfillment for the words of wisdom once shared by them to a friend, family member or colleague. Always living with the consciousness of holding the power to impact…negative or positive. Discovering who you are, the You that you’ve discovered, not the one defined by the views, opinions and perceptions of others. Get to be you in your most authentic state, yet knowing how the authentic you impacts those around you.



My desire is to have another piece of work published, however on my journey in writing this book, I discovered that due to my nature of enjoying to equip individuals, it would more than likely be another self-help motivational/ inspirational piece, yet closer to the realities of others and not me.



I’ve come to discover that the one denominator in life’s challenges, relationship challenges, career challenges, business challenges etc…is always “self” So in starting to deal with self, it becomes easier to relate to everything else that influences it on an external level. I also enjoy case studies which brings the event closer to the reader in relation to their own experience shared in content.



Xlibris Author| Lavona Mwanza, Unspoken WordsXlibris offered me the opportunity to share in a publishing package, where I would enjoy the benefits of a team well structured to attend to a need that was my missing link, in my attempt to self publish. The campaign will run over a period of six weeks and I have very little insight on the effects of such, but will follow closely whilst in progress.


I enjoy the engagement of a whole team to work with, each one in his/her area of expertise. I adore the fact that any concerns can be raised at any time without feeling guilty of being unnecessary. The more team members on board the more at ease I started to feel. It was very overwhelming in the beginning, and the team reassured over and over again that they are there to assist me all the way.



I wish to advise aspiring authors share your passion, realize your dream, touch lives, be creators of change…! A bit of extra time spent on research can prevent some of the frustration I endured in putting forward my piece. Did I doubt myself many times in terms of the content shared… Yes I did! I needed assurance that it will impact someone, a simple minimum of one individual. Today I know, I don’t need assurance in sharing, sharing is like giving. A mandate we’ve all been given. If your form of giving is in putting your work out there, I believe the audience is already selected.


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