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Xlibris Publishing introduces Lavona Mwanza, author of Unspoken Words.


Xlibris Author| Lavona Mwanza, Unspoken WordsI, Lavona Mwanza, was born and raised in Cape Town SA, and spent most of my childhood years amongst family and close friends. In 1982 we relocated to Johannesburg as a family due to a work opportunity my dad accepted. I got married in 1985 and had three adorable kids from my union with my spouse, which broke down 10 years later. I started my career in the Financial Industry, where I was afforded the opportunity to advance into a leadership role. I must add that I had no formal qualifications at the time, other than my values and belief system, my work ethics and the undoubting trust that my superiors had in my abilities to perform my task. In 1987 my daughter contracted meningitis and suffered severe brain damage, which officially rendered me the title of a mother with a ” special needs” child. Sadly in 2010 we as a family lost her, due to respiratory failure. Since that traumatic event, my life has not been the same, major shifts took place in my life, which is where my journey started in writing my book. In 2012 I completed my NLP and Life Coaching accreditation, which enabled me to reach out to others and walk a mile with them. In the same year my husband and I opened our own practice where we now do coaching, workshops and seminars on the many challenges we, the human race face day to day and how to create the life you wish to have.



I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading as a child and remain interested in other views and opinions or any material that would allow my mind to explore new ideas and ideologies. I gain a lot of perspective in those things happening around me, irrespective on how insignificant it might be unto others. I enjoy putting my thoughts down on paper. I have not mastered the art of a true author’s words and methodologies, I just write how I speak and feel at the time.



Xlibris Author| Lavona Mwanza, Unspoken WordsI’ve never really deemed myself an author, just someone trying to relate what’s in my head to an audience…hoping some of what is shared will resonate with some people. In writing my book I had to solicit the services of an individual editing my work. I started by compiling some of my thoughts that I journaled over the years and tried to marry the content with the thought patterns then, to today. I knew change had set in with me, in view of how I reasoned in the past, however in putting everything together I needed to be sure that there is some value in the content shared. So no one particular authors work got my attention on a level of, “this is how it’s done” Thinking back now, it would have assisted me.



My biggest inspiration was drawn from my daughter’s life, my mistakes, trials and challenges in life and a belief system I hold dear to. So my journey with my daughter, which lasted for 23 years, got me thinking on how similar we are to the constraints we share in life. Obviously on different levels. Talk about having a rush of inspiration in the moment… which triggered a host of insights into the various areas of my life.


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