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Xlibris Publishing introduces Roland Boike, author of The Portal to a Parallel Universe, The Cave of Forgotten Dreams, What Do You Really Want, and Devo Mannix the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.


Xlibris Author| Roland BoikeI am Roland Boike, I am 87 years old. In my life I have been almost one of everything and I feel that I have accomplished much and touched many lives.









I seem to migrate towards authors who write, “Feel Good” books. I do not read to feel sad or see the bad in the world. I read to see the good and the happiness. I recommend that you write what is in your heart not what pleased your high school English teacher or your college professors. I find that reading other authors gives me a new perspective to relate the ideas and stories that I wish to write about.



Xlibris Author| Roland BoikeI have completed a series of six children’s books about the trials and tribulations of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice named Devo and his talking dog Spieler. It was a very enjoyable experience letting my imagination wonder where it would. I have no plans for future episodes.


One of the tools offered by Xlibris is their buyback program. I feel it is one of the best incentives to potential merchants to purchase your book in their stores for resale.





Xlibris Author| Roland BoikeDuring my publishing experience each phase of the publishing procedure was handled by an experienced production team. Each representative or associate was well-versed and knowledgeable about their particular phase of the book’s publication.


My favorite part of my publishing experience was seeing the front cover of my book in print after many months of hard work.





My advice to first-time writers would be for you to be resolute in your efforts to work out the parts of your manuscript that do not quite satisfy your writing style or the direction of your story has taken. Keep the faith, inspiration will come.


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