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Xlibris Publishing introduces Paul Thompson, author of Roman the Teapot: A Christmas Adventure.


Who is the author “behind” the book?

I am a working class man who currently is employed at a HGV company in the UK. I have been working as a HGV driver for a good twenty year, however, I have always had aspirations to write. Ever since my children where young I’ve been interested and intrigued in with storytelling, and writing my own stories.



Do you have any particular literary influences that have helped you develop in your genre, subject and style?

Xlibris Author| Paul Thompson, Roman the TeapotI have always been an avid fan of Walt Disney. I think they are, without doubt and without question, the best of the best. Their originality in story telling is what inspired me; and they base their stories and concept off of morals and meaning, and frame it in this unusual but relatable reality which is both imaginative and memorable.


This is what I wanted to achieve with my characters, I wanted them to be unusual yet charming, and memorable, and have a meaning and purpose. I want readers to feel warmed and entertained by their actions, and dialogue etc. so that they, especially children, can enjoy it and relate to it the same way they do with Disney.


The main idea for Roman stretches back to Miss Potts from Beauty and the beast. I took the plain canvas idea, and reworked it, giving it an alternative image, structure, scale, and storyline. Hardly anything these days is 100% original; something always comes from something, and the genius that is Disney was something that very much helped me, and allowed me to explore my own mind and develop my own ideas.



What inspired you to write your book, and how long did it take you to finish it?

I was inspired mainly by Disney, and my children’s love for Disney. Nothing can hold a candle to Walt Disney in my eyes, but they were a part of my thought process for a while, especially their Christmas stories, which this is.



What is the one message you would like to convey to your readers?

Look after your friends, and the people who are close to you. Be a good person, be brave, and have an adventure in life! Just like these characters, they come together and they fight off the evil together, as a team, and they unite, and take care of each other.




Are you working on a sequel to your book?

We are already working on a second book, but it is a different story. We are not sure whether a second ROMAN will be written and released, but we will certainly consider a return for the glowing Teapot if it comes down to it!




Are there any events, marketing ideas or promotions planned for your book? Please feel free to mention any accolades you have received.

We would love to have our characters promoted worldwide, for example, on Yorkshire Tea because at the moment they don’t have a distinctive sales point. We would love to make Roman and his friends a worldwide trend, just like Frozen, and other such big Disney films.



What was your favorite part of your publishing experience, overall and with Xlibris?

The experience overall has been amazing, and we have had such a good time writing and publishing our work! We were always a little skeptical about self-publishing at first, however, we can safely say it was a success. Now the next form of success is to sell as many copies as we can!




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  1. Paul,

    You are right on the money about Walt Disney. Paul Even adults like us can get totally caught up in the drama of his stories. I like your writing philosophy of taking care of the people around you.
    My novel Ever a Fighter embraces the fight of the hero, Kate, to stop the assault of the rich and powerful on the rest of us.

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