Xlibris Author Louane Beyer Engages Grandchildren in Story Brainstorming

For Xlibris author Louane Beyer, involving her grandchildren in her writing not only provides an opportunity to bond with them but also enhances their imagination. Her first book Six Days Inside a Mountain fuses her ideas and her grandchildren’s, bringing her a great sense of accomplishment and leaving her readers and family a special literary legacy.

Xlibris Author Louane Beyer
Xlibris Author Louane Beyer shares precious time with her grandchildren by involving them in writing her books.

The Xlibris Blog spotlight shines on Louane who talks about her debut book, creative writing process, self-publishing experience with Xlibris, and book promotion.

Idea behind the Story

Imagine hordes of flying bats, near death illness, flames shooting high in the sky and walking in a dark cave with only a flashlight to guide you! These horrific images were what 13-year-old Peter and his 10-year-old brother Andy had to endure as they walked through a mountain for survival in my book titled “Six Days Inside a Mountain.”

A Family Affair

Even in her creative writing pursuit, Louane knows blood is thicker than water. She further shares how her beloved grandchildren threw in their ideas to complete the book.

Now imagine you are a writer and involve your grandchildren not only to offer their ideas like Allie with the bats, Abby with the fire and Adam with the aliens but also to sketch the illustrations for the book. That was a delightful experience for me. It all started with the story about two young brothers who take a day trip into a nearby mountain range to do target practice with a rifle on a hot, summer day. Due to disorientation, they find themselves lost. Hopeful for an early rescue, they build a campfire that gets out of hand, set the forest on fire, which forces them to take refuge in a nearby dark and scary cave. That begins the adventure. Now for the sci-fi in this fiction novel, they encounter aliens in a space ship lodged in the side of the mountain. The aliens can read their minds and with ingenuity they devise using Morse code with the flashlight, so the aliens can communicate back with them. They learn that the aliens came to earth to overtake it but were not powerful enough and took refuge in the cave. Through this, a partnership was formed to exit the mountain. Before the aliens spun off into outer space, they beamed a ray of energy into each of the brother’s eyes which will be revealed in the sequel to this book. Their dad who has spent days looking for them now finds them as they walk down the side of the mountain.

Choosing the Ideal Publisher, Sequel in Progress  

Now imagine that the book is written then the grandchildren ask you when will they be able to see it. How was I going to find a publisher? With some research, I chose self publishing with Xlibris.

The book was printed in March, 2012, with the marketing beginning almost immediately with book signing, fairs, readings and school visits, and with the grandchildren participating when they could. I utilized specialty packages from Xlibris and learned what would and would not work. It has been a thrilling experience for our family and we are preparing our next book, “Lost in the Amazon Jungle”, where the gift from the aliens will be revealed. We are approaching the completion of the illustrations and will be contacting Xlibris soon for publication.

Book Marketing Plans

I am on Facebook and am planning my own web page once the second novel gets published. I like to make a difference in children’s lives and feel that these projects have enhanced not only my grandchildren but provide inspiration for others.

Xlibris Publishing believes Louane’s approach to guiding and educating her grandchildren is worth emulating. The Xlibris Blog wishes her the best and opens its door to her future book promotions.

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