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Xlibris Publishing introduces John Zwerenz, author of Eternal Verse, A Lady Faire and Other Poems, Sonnets of Dusk and Dawn, Visionary Wonderings, and other books.



Xlibris Author| John ZwarenzI began my formal publishing career as a professional poet with Xlibris who published my first 6 poetry books, prior to me being signed successfully to ATLA Books, a traditional publishing house based in London, England. My first published book of poetry, Selected Poems (2011) was basically a collection of my best romantic poems up until that time which I wrote in London and Paris some years prior to its publication. It was followed by Mist And Flame, (2011) a continuity of the first book in nearly every aspect. My third book however, took on other, more esoteric themes such as scholasticism, adventure poetry and theological verse. Entitled Visionary Wanderings, (2012) I received praise from high profile critics in regards to that book in a manner unknown to me before. My fourth published work, Sonnets of Dusk and Dawn (2012) was dedicated exclusively to the sonnet form and dealt mainly with odes and adventure poems with some romance poetry still to be found here and there.



The last two books I published with Xlibris, A Lady Fair & other Poems (2013) and Eternal Verse (2013) were very different thematically. A Lady Fair dealt with varied themes, while Eternal Verse dealt exclusively with the realm of heaven.  Living in heaven, what heaven is like, etc, etc.  In the later part of 2015 after several years being employed by Emage International Magazine as their official poetry writer, (which gained for my works wide world exposure) I was signed contractually to ATLA Books, a medium sized but nascent traditional press based in The UK.  The subsequent three books which they published, Ecstasy And Other Poems, Elysian Meadows and The Gilded Sun were all very commercially successful, especially the second, Elysian Meadows which went on to become a #1 Best Seller on Amazon for all new poetry anthologies shortly after its worldwide release.



Xlibris Author| John ZwarenzAs a career poet, and as an individual who always loved verse as long as I can recall, back to when I was a young boy, I had the gift of understanding that for the poet his or her vocation is one of service to the common good of the society or societies he or she is writing for.  Therefore the poet should work as a servant for the betterment of society, and not for selfish or egotistical motives.  Also, my religious beliefs as a rather militant Roman Catholic has profoundly shaped my outlook on the world as well as my perceptions of the manifold purposes and importance of art.  For it is in man’s artist endeavors in which he mimics his Creator to a certain degree who is, after all, the consummate “Artist.” My literary influences were broad in scope, and I realized my calling to be a lifelong poet in my junior year of high school when I read a short, simple but unforgettable work by the 19th century French poet Arthur Rimbaud entitled Sensation.





Xlibris Author| John ZwarenzI was 17 years of age that spring, and from that day onward I immersed myself in just about any poet of renown that I could find.  Aside from the French Symbolists of Rimbaud’s era, such as Verlaine, Nerval and Baudelaire, I also fell in love with the great romantic bards from Victorian England and America such as Byron, Shelley, and especially our own Edgar Allan Poe.   By the time I entered undergraduate school at Queens College in New York, I was thoroughly proficient in my own poetic knowledge.  Not in just being able to recognize good or great poetry from inferior verse, but in composing great metered, rhyming poetry I started to bloom.







Xlibris Author| John ZwarenzThe one message I would like very much to convey to my readers is that it is so imperative for all of us to give meaning, a personal meaning to our suffering in this life.  The troubles which suffering and pain have wrought upon the human race since the beginning have been a common occasion for confusion and even despair rather than understanding and solace.  One must go through hell to get to heaven.  It is just that simple.  So do not fear.






I wish to thank Xlibris for the great care they took in publishing my early works and I recommend to aspiring poets to give that company a try if other paths seem to be closed at the time.  Keep working at your art with faith in yourself and in your abilities, no matter what bumps in the road may come your way, and you will certainly be a success.


John Lars Zwerenz, New York, 2018



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  1. John Lars Zwerenz (1969- ) is an American impressionistic poet. He is considered one of the most important new literary figures in the world, both internationally and in The United States. He has published seven books of poetry, all of which have risen dramatically in price since their original publication. Zwerenz owns a B.A. in English from The City University Of New York At Queens College and has traveled extensively throughout The United States and overseas as a kind of literary wanderer. He has held a bohemian reputation since his youth. Zwerenz’s two most recent poetry books, “Ecstasy And Other Poems”, released in December of 2016, and “Elysian Meadows”, released in February of 2017, have been published by ATLA Publishing, based in The UK. His poems have also appeared prolifically in International Magazines and other anthologies. Zwerenz’s poetry is often highly spiritual in nature. His verse almost always adheres to strict, metrical stanzas. He currently resides in The United States, and is 48 years of age.

    – Rachael Canter

  2. Hello John, The world of poetry is a wonderful world in which to live….where so many feelings can be explored, experienced and enjoyed. I once wrote a book of poetry (36 poems in all with sketches of the main character) . This collection of poems titled BUSHHEAD were written in the traditional style of poetry about the journey of a young priest (parson or clergyman) who was on a journey to discover himself and where he ended up on the last page. I put my poetry side away and wrote a novel titled TWO WORLDS. These worlds were Earth and Mars. On Mars I have ancient aliens inter-weaved throughout the story. They are concerned about a troubled and conflicted Earth. They fear the humans from Earth may have disruptive plans as they head for their fragile planet. It is actually a romantic comedy and a good tale with a theme of peace. I also wrote ALIENS AND ANGELS and X’LENT TALES … These collections of short stories mostly deal with the human condition as well as many humorous tales. All three books were published by XLIBRIS and were well done. My only disappointment is that my stories,( many about angels) don’t appeal to the general public. But not to worry. I am quite elderly but I must say I loved every moment of writing my poems and stories and I feel proud of my efforts. Good luck and may there be many sales of your books of poetry.
    Noeline Slowgrove

    1. Thank you, Noeline, for your kind words and for sharing your interesting summaries of your
      three works. Come what may, do not become discouraged, for if your literary contributions are inspired and well written (and they sound as though they are) the cream will always eventually rise to the top. I would especially like to read your collection of verse. So please feel free to share a link where I could purchase your book. It would also give other poetry lovers a means to find it. All the best to you and to your loved ones. John

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