Xlibris Author Gideon A. Smart Tells Us Why Some Words Are Better Left Unsaid

Words, written or uttered, can ensnare us in or free us from a tangle of hate. Xlibris author Gideon A. Smart talks about the power of words and walks his talk by writing his debut inspirational book The Tongue: The Rudder of Your Destiny.   

Xlibris Author Gideon Smart
Xlibris author Gideon A. Smart practices what he preaches as revealed in his book “The Tongue.”

The Nigerian/South African author/musician, who recently talked about his work and music at the Lagos City FM in Nigeria, now shares us his book’s message and expresses his gratitude for self-publishing with Xlibris. Gideon is also set to have a TV appearance to promote his debut book soon.

Think Before You Speak

Gideon gives us a gentle reminder on the possible impact of our words.

The Tongue is a book that addresses the key issues of life, just as the rudder steers a ship to its destination. The tongue, though among the smallest of the human parts, has the greatest power that determines what everyone of us become in life. Majority of humans have not yet discovered that their lives are moulded by what they say. Reading this book will help you to place value on your words.

More about The Tongue

It is our tongue that determines our destiny in the ultimate. Whether we are happy or sad, depends on the general use of our tongue and thoughts. Little as the tongue is, its power and influence determine the destiny of an individual. We must weigh the import of our words before we let them out. Many lives have been wounded, crushed and destroyed through the misuse of the tongue. The things we think or say, carry a potent force that can either construct or destroy. Our utterances are powerful energy, just like aerodynamics, strong enough to propel our dreams to fruition. Our words can heal, words can kill, words can bless, words can curse, words can bring peace, words can cause war, words can break you, words can make you, words can lift you up, words can bring you down, words can bring faith, words can also bring fear. Christianity is basically a Kingdom ruled or governed by Words, operating by crop farming. Confessing God’s Word into our lives is like a farmer sowing seed on a field. Transforming lives by spoken word. The kind of words we feed on will determine how far we go in life. The words we speak have a direct and definite effect upon our thoughts. Thoughts generate words. For words are the vehicles of wisdom. Words also affect thoughts and help to condition it to create attitudes. Friends, you must be mindful of what you say before you sign off your life to eternal damnation. A loose tongue or thoughtless tongue is not to be trusted with secrets. Sometimes, no answer is the right answer or else you may be ensnared by your words. Whatever you say with your tongue per-time is either breaking your destiny or making it. Every word you speak goes a long way in determining your eternal destiny. Your tongue does not only shape your destiny but the destinies of others including your own children. Your contact with this book will transform your life.

Self-Publishing with Xlibris

Xlibris has helped tens of thousands of aspiring authors realize their self-publishing dreams and communicate their message to the world. Gideon is among Xlibris’ satisfied authors.

My experience with Xlibris is awesome, giving my book a global exposure.

About the Author

Aside from writing and creating music, Gideon Ayo Smart serves as a minister at the Calvary Christian Church, Pretoria South Africa. He is also an educator and the president of the Humanity Services South Africa.

The Xlibris Blog is happy to help Gideon A. Smart spread his inspirational word.

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