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Xlibris Publishing introduces Bill McDonald, author Walking on a Moonbeam.


Xlibris Author| Bill McDonald, Walking on a MoonbeamWalking on a Moonbeam is my first book It is a collection of poems written during my career as an engineer/scientist working in the United States space and national defense programs.  The poems were written based on my personal life experiences and are organized into nine topics:  Youth, Adventure, Love, Seasons, Change, Hope, Places and Things, Farewells, and Prayer. Consequently, it also tells much of my own personal story, beginning with my youth, continuing with my adventures in the U.S. man on the moon program, and covering many of the events, activities, and circumstances of my life. The reader will understand how it felt to be a young boy in rural Mississippi during the 1940s and 1950s, feel the excitement of putting the first man on the moon and returning him safely to earth in 1969, experience the emotion of extended separation from your loved one while in pursuit of critical national objectives, live the emotions of dealing with big change in your life, know what it means for people of a town to have hope renewed, and much, much more.



After working for nearly 50 years as an engineer/scientist in America’s space and national defense programs, I retired in 2013 to spend more time with my family and pursue other interests.  I was born in Coffeeville, Mississippi and raised by my grandparents on a farm nearby. During my career as an engineer, I sometimes wrote poetry capturing my feelings and emotions about important events, activities, and circumstances of my life. I was always an avid reader and I wrote and published numerous technical papers during my career.  Poetry on the other hand was my secret hobby. It was something I wrote and squirreled away.



I never dreamed I might one day publish these poems in book form.  Maybe I’d publish books on technical subjects, but not my poetry.  Then one day after I retired I was sifting through some of my old files and rediscovered all these poems.  They began speaking to me through all those years. I thought they deserved to be heard by more than me.  That’s when I knew I was going to write the book.  Even though I had all those poems, I still had to organize the book, write an introduction, locate illustrations, do substantial editing, and find a publisher.  It took me almost and a year and a half to get it done.



I would like my book to be read by young adults just beginning their journey through life, although I suspect it may be better received by older adults.  The one message I would most like to convey is that in America no matter what your circumstances you can achieve your dreams.  It’s up to you.



Xlibris Author| Bill McDonald, Walking on a MoonbeamWill there be another book from me?  Perhaps, I certainly have more time now that I am retired.   And there are still a few ideas rolling around.  We will see if they roll out.



As for marketing the current book, Walking on a Moonbeam, I’m still working on the marketing plan.  Of course, there will be several readings and book signings, and an internet campaign, but I am still looking for innovative ways to cost effectively expand the market.



Working with Xlibris as my publishing partner has been great thus far.  My favorite part of the process was when the pieces started coming together.  When I saw the cover galley and the interior galley, I knew it was going to happen.



As for my advice to aspiring authors, write from the heart.  If it doesn’t come from the heart it can’t work.  Believe and persevere, you can achieve your dreams if you remain true to them..



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