Xlibris Author Judy Snider Bags ‘Silver Mom’s Choice Awards’ – Part 1

Xlibris Author Judy Snider is savoring more than the fulfillment of her writing dream. Her first picture book Goldy’s Baby Socks and another one titled I Love You, Be Careful, which she co-authored with her sister Joan Dickow, were given the silver seal at the  Mom’s Choice Awards (MCA). Goldy’s Baby Socks earned the recognition this year and I Love You, Be Careful, last year.

Xlibris Author Judy Snider
Xlibris author Judy Snider is among Xlibris’ acclaimed authors, gaining recognition for her child-friendly books.

MCA honors authors, innovators, companies, and parents who have been instrumental in promoting family values. Products, media, and services bearing the MCA seal are recognized to be child and family-friendly.

Now a fulfilled self-published author imparting family values through her books, she talks about her craft, self-publishing experience, and this recent literary milestone.  Read the first installment of her two-part blog contribution here on the Xlibris Blog.

Defeating Her Writing Demons

You write a few words, look at them, and say to yourself, “I can never write a book.”

Or you go to a party and say,” I always wanted to write a book, but I can’t.” Or you go to a writer’s conference and tell a friend, “Wow, now I know I will never get a book published.”

Surprise….you CAN write a book, you can get it published, and you can get into stores to sign books.

You can go to writer’s conferences in your area and around the country and meet wonderful people, and learn wonderful skills. Everyone, I feel, has a book in them.

Once when I was reading to a group of children in a children’s library, a child asked, “Mrs. Snider, when are you ever going to publish that book your writing?” Aside from my love for children and my work, I realized that I had to make my writing dream come true. I told my now grown sons through the years to “go” for your dreams, and luck is important, but the belief and hard work to make them happen is also important. I’m also blessed to have great support from family, friends, and fellow writers.

When my oldest son was still a baby, during his naps I joined a children’s writing course. Trained as a Social Worker, I also worked in a school library, with the joyful job of reading to children and helping set up their lessons. Then and there I decided that if my first book Goldy’s Baby Socks were to be published, I better start the process. I am not a good artist, so I hired an illustrator and we worked together to create that book in English and Spanish. Editing is also very important to make your book the best it can be.

Xlibris Book Goldy's Baby Socks
Goldy’s Baby’s Socks was recently given the Silver seal at the MCA 2013.

After my good experience with that book, my writer’s group and I came up with another book together, and that led to the day when my sister said, “I love you be careful,” where we got the idea of the book we have co-written.

I have written ever since third grade when I wrote a mystery and started writing poetry. I also took the Institute for Children’s Literature course years ago, joined the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators, local writing groups, my school’s writing group, and bought Writer’s Digest Magazine.


Xlibris Book I Love You, Be Careful
Judy co-authored her next picture book (also a Silver MCA 2012 awardee) with her sister Joan Dickow.

I tend to write sentimental and heartwarming books. Goldy is about a cat that is adopted by a family and all the fun and sleepless nights that follow. It is available in book and e-book formats on Xlibris and Amazon. It also has some good reviews on Amazon. 

Kudos to Xlibris author Judy Snider for a job well done! Xlibris supports your family-oriented books to promote time-honored values.

Watch out for the second installment of Judy’s blog here on the Xlibris Blog.

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