Xlibris Author Judy Snider Bags ‘Silver Mom’s Choice Awards’ – Part 2

Here’s the second part of Xlibris Author Judy Snider’s blog entry. She further talks about her self-publishing journey, inspiring writers to realize their dreams. Her books are also ideal gifts for Mother’s and Father’s Day celebrations.

Xlibris Author Judy Snider
Xlibris author Judy Snider talks about the joys of publishing with Xlibris and being an officially self-published author.

Publishing with Xlibris

My dilemma was that I am not an artist and could not illustrate the book. Xlibris helped me. Together with the company, I worked with Thomas, one of their artists. Xlibris, and I worked together to create Goldy’s Baby Socks in English and Spanish. This led to being in a writer’s group at the school I worked at and being part of making a book of women’s stories. Next came I Love You, Be Careful, written with my sister, a charming picture book that shows all the “be careful” moments in a family’s life when raising their children. Thanks to Xlibris and a great illustrator, Cady Driver, this picture book for grownups was created.  

Discovering More Surprises

Little did I know I would be going to schools to read my book, having so much fun writing books, being on an internet tour, and loving marketing my books. It is fun to see people who say they can’t write a book, see what I did, and be inspired to write their own!  It also feels good to be called an author once published, and not only a writer. I am working on a novella mystery for women and have a second idea for a Goldy Book.  I also didn’t expect our books to be reviewed and sold on Amazon.com, Xlibris, KIndle, World of Ink Tours,You Tube and many other sites.

My husband also wrote a book with iUniverse, part of Author Solutions, so it has been fun that we’re both authors!

I really enjoy hearing children laugh when I read to them many parts from the Goldy’s Baby Socks. The book is also a Cat Writer’s Association Award-winning book.

Advice to Hopefuls

Make your dream come true and write your book. If you have one written, pull it out and edit it and begin your dream of getting published!

Don’t think you can’t write a book, because you can! I did not want to grow old thinking I should have written a book. I love writing, and am delighted that I made my dream come true. You can too!

Cherished, Time-Honored Family Values

I smile when I think of what my sister said to her husband as he left the house. “I love you, be careful”, as she gave him a goodbye kiss at the door. That simple phrase of caring and concern led Joan and I to talk about how we love our husbands, children, and cherish our friends. No matter what language or country one comes from, most people say “be careful” to loved ones. As we spoke we came up with the idea for a picture book geared for parents, new brides, grandparents, etc. that showed the many stages of a family’s life and all their “be careful” moments.

Ideal Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Present 

Of course, as Mother’s and Father’s Day approaches, these books are perfect gifts. They are also ideal presents for grandparents or bridal showers. Plus, you can send it as an e-book card. 

Ever since the book came out, friends have used it to give to their parents, at baby and wedding showers, and some read it to their children due to the hidden bunny in most pages. Xlibris really helped make the book turn out beautiful.

Thanks to you, Xlibris author Judy Snider, for taking the time to contribute to the Xlibris Blog. Congratulations again on your writing achievement! We wish you all the best in all your endeavors.

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