Xlibris Author Jennifer L. Martin Beats Life’s Odds and Advocates Overall Wellness – Part 2

We bring you the second installment of Xlibris Author Jennifer L. Martin’s blog where we talk more about her mission, as well as rave reviews about her book.

Xlibris Author Jennifer L. Martin
Xlibris Author Jennifer L. Martin gains positive feedback from readers.

Her Mission

Jennifer is a big believer in helping people any way she can, especially with health topics ranging from viral infections, auto-immune disorders, stress, relationships, to diet, and other issues. To further reach out to those who may need her help, she started her own Blog Talk Radio Show in 2011 called The Health Connection. You can find her on air every Thursday night at 8pm PST.  People can call in and listen live and/or go to the radio show to join the interactive chat room and share insights or ask questions.

She is always looking for guests on her show. If you are interested, please contact her at JenniferLMartin2011@gmail.com or visit her website www.JenniferLMartin.Weebly.com and fill out the “contact me” form, and put Blog Talk Radio Guest in the subject.

Jennifer also keeps a blog covering health topics she updates several times a week.  Please be sure to visit and sign up as a follower on her personal blog to receive latest posts.

Reader Reviews, Book Marketing Strategy 

Jennifer earns many readers’ thumbs up, proof that her effort is paying off. Self-pubbed authors can also learn from her book marketing strategy: Having established a wide internet presence, she has reached more audience.

What readers say about Jennifer’s book:

Blue Fingers Brass Knuckles is very helpful and motivational for anyone, regardless if you are sick or not.  Great read.  I recommend it.  – Tammy H.


Jennifer is an inspiration to anyone.  The hurdles she has been through and the inspiration she has from within to fight her way through is remarkable.  – Marilyn P.


Thank you Jennifer for writing this book.  Not only has it helped me be braver, but I now know I’m not alone in the fight with M.S. and I thank you for sharing your story. 


Tina W.


Very well put together Jennifer, and thank you for sharing your insightful story.  You are truly an inspiration to all!  God bless. – Mary P.


Wow!  You’ve been through a lot in your lifetime, Jennifer.  Congratulations for fighting the fight and winning!  I read your book just at the time I needed inspiration and some motivation.  – Kirk L.


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Congratulations, Xlibris Author Jennifer L. Martin on touching many lives with your inspirational memoir! Your positive outlook is a breath of fresh air in life’s trying times.

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