Xlibris Author George Seber Perseveres and Fulfils His Writing Dream – Part 1

You’ve heard it time and again, but the advice Don’t give up has proven to be a golden mantra for those who might have missed their goals several times but with repeated, unwavering attempts, have gradually emerged victorious.

Xlibris book Counseling Issues
Counseling Issues by George Seber earned a starred BlueInk Review.

Pursuing his writing dream, Xlibris Author George Seber has lived by this belief and fulfilled his dream to see his work in print. Rejection from traditional publishers hasn’t stopped him, but convinced him to self-publish his psychology book Counseling Issues through Xlibris to share his expertise and research about personal and relationship issues. Proof that his resolve and determination did not go futile, his book has received a warm reception and has earned good reviews so far.

Xlibris author George Seber says ‘Don’t give up!’

As I lay in a hospital bed making summary notes for my book I did not fully realise that I was actually slowly dying from a staph. aureus infection. The doctors initially could not find the source of the infection. Once it was located I had   lengthy high -risk emergency open-heart surgery and ended up with an artificial aortic heart valve. Recovery was slow but steady and I won’t bore you with an organ recital! Obviously God wanted me to finish writing my counseling book.

It all began in my sixties when, after holding the foundation Chair in Statistics at Auckland University in New Zealand for several decades, I decided to train part-time to be a counsellor/psychotherapist. Early on in my training and initial sally into counselling, I found it hard to find useful material to give me ideas for counseling people with a wide range of issues. Either there were whole books on a single issue, for example anger or stress, that I didn’t have time to read, or the books were somewhat technical and not very practical. The Internet could be helpful sometimes, but it was of limited help.  I decided to write my own book “Counselling Issues” to fill the gap. I am an experienced writer having authored or co-authored fifteen mostly very large statistics books with well-known publishers so I was not afraid of the size of the task. The book of 22 chapters and 638 pages took over four years to write and I thought I would have no problems finding a publisher. Wrong! I found the psychology editors unhelpful and not interested in a book of that size. I was turned down many times and sometimes treated badly even though I was an established statistics author with an international reputation. The editors usually wanted something more technical or a textbook. In desperation I decided to self-publish as I believed from local comments that the book would be very useful, and I wanted to get it out there to help people.  If I made some money out of it, fine, but that was not my main concern. I was very grateful for the existence of Xlibris in Australia that I came upon almost by accident. The whole process has not been easy but I am very pleased with the final product.

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