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Xlibris Publishing celebrates the season of Summer with Good News of new stories from Xlibris authors old and new. Spend your time beneath the hot, summer sun enjoying a variety of books, ranging from biographies, to fiction, to personal guides.


Reverend David Fly guides readers along his own journey from a twelve-year-old stand up comedian, to a television clown, to n Episcopalian priest in My Life Under the Big Top.  Follow John W. Nelson on his journey as he searches for his father in How I Found My Dad in Texas.


This summer season has also seen the introduction of numerous fiction titles, such as Shawn Gale’s World of Dawn: Arise. Five teens find themselves falling through a rift in time and space, only to land in a strange world, in this start to a new young-adult sci-fi and fantasy series. Jack Nightengale shares his love of the supernatural in his vampiric tale Chronicles of the Damned: Ashes of Dawn. Enjoy stories of science and math affecting the lives of various peoples in John Rizzato’s short-story anthology, A Thirteenth Hour.





Keith Scott, Three Uncles and a Lawman

Xlibris Author| Keith Scott, Three Uncles and a LawmanI would like at this time to thank the folks at Xlibris publishing for their help and advice, a well organized company that takes you through the process step by step, a very good way to promote your first book.




Bill McDonald, Walking on a Moonbeam

Xlibris Author| John W. Nelson, How I Found My Dad in TexasWorking with Xlibris as my publishing partner has been great thus far.  My favorite part of the process was when the pieces started coming together.  When I saw the cover galley and the interior galley, I knew it was going to happen.






Francisco Ojeda, The Frightful Versus

Xlibris Author| Francisco Ojeda, The Frightful VersesThere is nothing like seeing the final version of your work come to fruition. Xlibris has always been professional and I have enjoyed every aspect of working with them. After working with Xlibris on three separate pieces, I have learned much about the process of publishing.






Roland Boike, The Portal to a Parallel Universe, The Cave of Forgotten Dreams, What Do You Really Want, and Devo Mannix the Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Xlibris Author| Roland BoikeDuring my publishing experience each phase of the publishing procedure was handled by an experienced production team. Each representative or associate was well-versed and knowledgeable about their particular phase of the book’s publication.





Shawn Gale, World of Dawn: Arise

Xlibris Author| Shawn Gale, World of Dawn: AriseMy experience with Xlibris has been first-rate. I’ve established solid, professional relationships with the reps of the different departments. They’ve always worked diligently in helping me produce the finest product possible, and have went the extra mile to ensure I’m always happy. My favourite part of publishing with Xlibris has been working with reps who are patient, understanding, and quick to communicate either via email or phone at critical times in the
production process.





Jack Nightengale, Chronicles of the Damned

Xlibris Author| Jack Nightengale, Chronicles of the DamnedMy favorite part of the publishing experience with Xlibris is their service and the shared compassion for publishing any and all novels. I feel that the Xlibris staff is well versed and very helpful when it comes to questions, and editing. I feel as though I gain a friendship with each staff member I talk to and have enjoyed the conversations and help they provide.





Rev. David Fly, My Life Under the Big Top

Xlibris Author| Rev. David Fly, My Life Under the Big TopFirst of all, the attention paid to me as author and the guidance throughout the process. I was impressed and a bit awed that the whole process from signing the contact to being near publication has taken less than a month!






Dr. Jeffrey C. Fox, The Ultimate Guide to Being a Great Police Officer

Xlibris Author| Dr. Jeffrey C Fox, The Ultimate Guide to Being a Great Police OfficerThis is my second book with Xlibris. Both times I did a lot of comparison and Xlibris came out on top in all categories I was looking at. My favorite part of the process with Xlibris is that they are extremely prompt in everything they do.







Christopher Maskey, It Shall be Given

Xlibris Author| Christopher Maskey, It Shall Be GivenSo far the entire process for me has been enjoyable to say the least. The Xlibris representatives have been helpful and informative throughout the entirety of the book publication process. I honestly believe the Lord is helping to use the right people needed to complete this book and the staff at Xlibris is playing an important part in it all.






Gerry Field, A Journey into War

Xlibris Author| Gerry Feld, A Journey into WarWorking with Xlibris in preparing my manuscript was very interesting. They were very patient with me, and helped me through some of the down times, when I felt like quitting. Xlibris was great to work with.






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