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Xlibris Publishing introduces Resources for Authors III- Ancient Greece. The peoples, cultures, and histories of these residents of the northeastern Mediterranean, have been the source of countless stories, books, and writings of all genres. Ancient Greek ideas of democracy and politics have been the source of many modern concepts and approaches of government. Ancient Greek history and myth have provided millennia of writers with more great battles, epic struggles, and legendary figures than a single article can cover. As such, we would find it remiss not to share with authors potential resources regarding the Ancient Greeks, the history, their culture, and their world.



  • Resources for Authors: Ancient Greece
    Ancient Greece was especially known for its philosophers, such as Socrates.

    Introducing the Ancient Greeks by Edith Hall: is a modern text and treatise on the history and the culture of the Greeks. The author expounds on various vital yet obscure aspects of Greek life in addition to central Greek virtues. Much of modern literature focuses on the history surrounding the Ancient Greeks, but Edith Hall goes further by discussing the virtues, values, and worldviews of the Ancient Greeks.



  • The Histories by Herodotus covers the history of the Greek city-state, Athens. This literary and historical classic is highly detailed as it conveys to readers the circumstances and events surrounding Athens’ wars with Persia and later Sparta.



  • The Iliad & The Odyssey by Homer, is the epic series of prose detailing the Trojan War and the journey of King Odysseus to return home from said war. Though more myth than actual fact, The Iliad and The Odyssey do provide crucial insight as to the culture, norms, and values of the ancient Greeks.



  • Resources for Authors: Ancient Greece
    The Parthenon, one of the great Ancient Greek structures still standing today.

    The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization is a documentary series that covers the rise and fall of Athens, what some call the center of Ancient Greek culture. Events covered include the formation of democracy in Athens, the wars with the Persian Empire and Sparta, and the death of Socrates. Visuals consist of Greek ruins, Greek art, and well-costumed dramatizations. All beautifully narrated.






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