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Xlibris News| Occult Book Collection OnlineA recent article from The Bustle announces that the Dutch Ritman Library has recently begun adding books within its occult collection to its digital archive. The Dutch Ritman Library is a massive collection of books and tomes about the ancient magical tradition known as Hermeticism. Thanks to a large donation by the author Dan Brown, a large section of this hermetic collection can now be read online.


The Dutch Ritman Library includes 20,000 works of philosophy, religion, mysticism, alchemy, astrology, and magic, all ranging between 100 and 600 years old, making it one of the largest collections of occult books, texts, and tomes in the world. This initiative of digitalization is part of the Library’s Hermetically Open Project, making its collection more open and available to the world. Currently only 1,617 copies of the texts can be read online. Converting so many ancient texts can be a very laborious and expensive process. The recent creation of a digital archive of these texts is in part made possible by sizeable donations from the author Dan Brown.


It should be noted that while these texts are becoming readable online, they have yet to be translated into any languages beyond Dutch and Latin. Translations into French, German, and English are to be added as the project proceeds onward.


You can read the original article from The Bustle here.

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