Xlibris Author| Zoe Hickerson, Wet Hands and Ginger Hair

Xlibris Publishing introduces Zoe Hickerson, author of Wet Hands and Ginger Hair.


My book Wet Hands and Ginger Hair is a collection of creative writings and poetry I have written over the last 6 months. It is the 3rd book I have had published in the past 14 months.


Xlibris Author| Zoe Hickerson, Wet Hands and Ginger HairMy name is Zoe, I have lived in New Zealand for the last 10 years, though I am originally from the UK. I have lived in Germany and Hong Kong, but my spiritual home is Hong Kong, it is just an amazing place to go. The last time I went back to the UK was in 2017, I wanted to experience a cold Christmas, as hot Christmas’s in NZ are just not the same. As soon as we got out the Heathrow airport it was like I had never left. I could have kissed the ground as after a 17 hour flight from Auckland to Dubai and another 8 hour flight I could’ve kissed anything.


Well we got snow twice and I had forgotten how to walk in it! I am a Mental Health Nurse and have been nursing for over 20 years. In the USA, UK and NZ. I work in a busy inpatient unit. I must enjoy it as I’ve worked here for 10 years.


I don’t really have any literary influences, although the death of well-known rock stars has influenced some of my titles. I enjoy listening to rock music, fishing from my jet ski even though I never seem to catch any to bring home. It’s the thrill of being free on the open water that gives me a sense of achievement along with unloading and loading the Jet Ski without losing it. I am learning the drums and have 2 drum kits at home, one acoustic and the other electric. I can only play without the neighbours complaining between 9-5 on weekdays, not on holidays.  I would really love to be able to build a shed so I can put all of my interests in there…


What inspired me to write a book? I find writing how I am feeling as a form of therapy, I was depressed for 2 years without even knowing, and it affected my functioning in all areas of my life. My inspiration came from a work related incident in 2013; I started writing in January 2017. Wet Hands and Ginger Hair is my third book.


Xlibris Author| Zoe Hickerson, Wet Hands and Ginger HairA message I would like to share is that there is hope amongst the darkness. At one stage when I gained insight I was very close to taking my own life, I was on the motorway in the middle lane and it was only a car on the inside that stopped me. The experience of being depressed and the understanding of being close to death, made me a more empathetic nurse and the funny thing is I still like my job and seeing people recover is one of the best things. I don’t mind being sworn as its part of the job.


I hadn’t intended to write 3 books, I thought I would stop when the 1st was published. I am realistic and know I will slow down, I am hoping that there will be lightness in my writing, as it is all pretty dark. At the moment no, I’ve not got any intentions to write a 4th, but never say never.


I was very reluctant at first to market my books as they were personal and I thought ‘who would want to read them?’ I got over this feeling and I am happy for people to browse. I have a free spot at the Kuala Lumpur international book fair. Work appears to enjoy my writing. I have started up a poetry group as part of the Occupational Therapy Programme, I do this once a month and get a varied amount of people who attend.


My favourite part of the publishing experience is seeing the front and book covers, I have took them using my IPhone.


My advice to other authors is go with the flow, don’t give up hope.



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