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Suzanne Penn at Carl Sandburg Literary Award Dinner
The event included such guests as award-winning author Margaret Atwood, and the mayor of Chicago.

Xlibris Publishing is delighted to share some good news regarding Dr. Suzanne Penn, Xlibris author of The Pink Corner Office. On Oct 11th, Dr. Penn will be honored at the 2017 Carl Sandburg Literary Awards Dinner in Chicago, Illinois, sponsored by the Chicago Library Foundation. The Carl Sandburg Literary Awards Dinner has raised over a million dollars to fund the Chicago Public Library’s initiatives and services for children, adults, and families at the library.



About the Author

Xlibris News| Dr. Suzanne Penn HonoredDr. Penn is a successful entrepreneur, and professional speaker who has taught women in some of America’s leading colleges and universities for over 25 years as an adjunct professor. She is a “baby boomer” and a product of the University of Chicago’s MBA program. She attended during the early 70’s, a time when African-Americans and women were a novelty on the campuses of Ivy League institutions. Dr. Penn is married to Algernon H. Penn and together they have three grown children, Jamila, Drake, and Alexandria.





About the Book

The Pink Corner Office addresses issues and obstacles faced by women in the workplace.  In the author’s own words:


“As women, we face a number of challenges as we strive to succeed in the workplace. Understandably, we feel conflicted. The glass ceiling and the unique stresses that we endure at all levels have been influenced by our historical and traditional roles as mothers in the home and as sexual objects. Society teaches us that a woman’s place is in the home as wife and mother.”
A woman who excels is looked upon as an anomaly, and there is wide spread perception that women do not make effective leaders. In addition, at all levels in the workplace women are vulnerable to sexual harassment. Working women, particularly women in professional careers with long hours, have to find ways to balance work with family responsibilities.”



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