Xlibris News| Book Review for India-40 and the Circle of Demons


Xlibris News| Book Review for India-40 and the Circle of Demons

Xlibris is happy to announce that Peter S. Adler’s book, India-40 and the Circle of Demons, has a positive review by Peace Corps Worldwide.



About the Book:

Xlibris News| Book Review for India-40 and the Circle of DemonsIn 1966 and 1967, when he was twenty-two years old, Peter S. Adler did a two-year stint as a Peace Corps volunteer in a village called Khed halfway between Mumbai and Goa and not far from the Arabian Sea. He and his roommate built schools, killed rats, and helped start poultry businesses. It was a life-changing, coming-of-age journey. But death, sickness, corruption, love, friendship, political fanatics, drugs, thugs, psychosis, and personal palavers with a foul-tempered God, who only he could hear, were part of the story.



Review Excerpts:

Below are select excerpts from the Peace Corps Worldwide review, written by Richard M. Grimsrud. The original review and article can be found here.



“This well-written, and almost perfectly presented memoir (I noticed only 2 typos in my reading of it, astounding for any book of 383 pages), was generally slow going for me at the beginning, became a page-turner largely because of its excellent irony in its extended middle section, and bogged down some at the end, perhaps, because it was a bit verbose and excessively philosophical in its conclusion. Nevertheless, India-4o . . . is certainly a good read for anyone with an interest in India and its development over the last half century, and everyone with some experience in the Peace Corps.”



“The opening section of the book “Departures” and especially Chapter 7 well captured the bonds formed during training by any group of Peace Corps Volunteers in learning a new language, often a new skill, and certainly a new culture in which all will be immersed for the next several years. I found the pre-training narrative somewhat longer than I expected, but the setting for the American milieu at the time of training in pages 10 to 14 was interesting and artfully done.



“In any event, when I reached page 383 of this tome, I had gained an appreciation for the sweat and skill which the author poured into India-40 and the Circle of Demons: A Memoir of Death, Sickness, Love, Friendship, Corruption, Political Fanatics, Drugs, Thugs, Psychosis, and Illumination in the U.S. Peace Corps. Like any reader, I suspect, I was stunned at the Coda’s revelation that several of the book’s most engaging characters were a figment of his creativity and imagination. On top of everything else I learned from Mr. Adler, through reading about the “demons” in his Peace Corps experience, it is clear that quite a fiction writer lurks within him.”



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