Xlibris presents Lisa Stephens and the Cha Cha Series (Part 2)

Xlibris: Lisa Stephens
Xlibris: Lisa Stephens

Xlibris returns to bring you part two of our interview with Xlibris author Lisa Stephens. Here she extends her thoughts on the reasoning behind the Cha Cha series.

Please briefly describe your series or books within the series…

Cha Cha and the Picnic Basket is the first installment in an eight book series, based on Cha Cha, our family dog, and his adventures with our two sons, Harry and James. This first book chronicles the occasion when Cha Cha is taken to the park for the first time, as a brand new puppy, and he suddenly disappears! The second book in the series, Cha Cha and the Great Cricket Match, tells the story of the boys playing a backyard cricket match when Cha Cha suddenly forgets the rules and races away with the ball. All books focus on the deep connection and friendship between Cha Cha and the two boys, and throughout the series readers will gradually meet Cha Cha’s  friends – Daisy (Cha Cha’s sister who helps train guide dogs for the blind), Clover (a Cocker Spaniel), Nese (a Ragdoll Cat) and many more!


What inspired you to write your books and how long did it take you to finish them?

My motivation for writing the Cha Cha series was to immortilize our now very old (nearly thirteen) and much beloved Golden Labrador, Cha Cha, by reliving some of the beautiful moments we have all shared over the years. My inspiration was observing the beautiful relationship that has formed between Cha Cha, Harry and James and the significance of this. Some books have taken longer than others to write, and the series is still a “work in progress”, but it is also a labour of love and something that I really enjoy doing.


What is the one message you would like to convey to your readers about your series or books within your series?

The Cha Cha series is a set of books that children and their parents can become emotionally invested in, mainly due to Cha Cha, the lovable Lab at the centre of the stories. Through Cha Cha’s puppy adventures with Harry & James young readers will learn about the values of friendship, family, pet ownership and responsibility. The Cha Cha stories are simple to read with a rhyming scheme for easy retention.

Stay tuned! Xlibris will return with the conclusion to our three part interview with Lisa Stephens where we learn about her self-publishing experience.

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