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Xlibris Publishing introduces Julie Bayl, author of Focus on Survival.


Xlibris Author| Julie Bayl, Focus on SurvivalFocus on Survival:  A young family’s struggle to survive World War II is an amazing true-life experience of one young family living in Nazi Occupied Holland during the Second World War. It is a testimony to the fact that ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things amidst a world in turmoil! This is my husband’s family, the Bijls. This book is written purely from a civilian perspective. It describes in detail the day to day living under the Occupation and how even though many civilians were not “heroes” as soldiers could be viewed, they too had to deal with incredible odds, especially if they had strong ethical beliefs on human rights and loyalties.


The story is told in chronological order and connects the reader to actual events in Holland. It is not a book solely about helping the Jewish people escape, but it shows what risks civilians took to help them.  It paints a picture of my husband’s family and the suffering they experienced. Their focus on survival helped them cope with the pain, the heartache, the deprivation, and the destruction around them allowing them to keep the family together for five years despite incredible fear.


I, Julie Bayl am the author of this inspiring record. Bayl, the family adopted at their naturalisation is the English equivalent of the name Bijl in Dutch.  (Pronounced as Bay-el).


Xlibris Author| Julie Bayl, Focus on SurvivalI was born in Sydney, Australia in 1950, the second child of Bruce and Betty Judd. After World War II my parents finally settled outside Parramatta. This is where I grew up. I was an avid reader, loving history and literature. I was an A+ student and loved writing. This included poetry and poetic ballads. Once I heard my husband’s family’s story I knew it was a story that should be told.


It inspired me, it also educated me to have more empathy for others who have had the misfortune to be caught up in wars.  Much of my life was spent in voluntary social work. During the years my three children were growing up, I was employed by the NSW Department of Education as a senior administrative manager, where my desire to write was nurtured by my colleagues. By this time our family had moved to a beautiful country town called Cowra about 300 kms from Sydney. My husband Charles was engaged as a Building and Construction Designer and in time we purchased a small farm on the outskirts of the town, where my family grew up.


I have always been a devoted student of the Holy Scriptures and I have learnt an incredible amount from the wealth of literary beauty it contains.  This, as well as my continual love of knowledge and reading – especially true stories but also a goodly amount of fiction. My family have always loved music, all our children learning to be accomplished pianists and guitarists. We also love singing.



Xlibris Publishing will return with Julie Bayl in Part 2.


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