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Xlibris Publishing returns with Julie Bayl, author of Focus on Survival.



Xlibris Author| Julie Bayl, Focus on SurvivalOnce I heard my husband’s family’s story I knew it was a story that deserved to be told and since no one in the family seemed interested, I asked my mother in law if she would like me to write it. She was thrilled. This approval to write what I had been so inspired by came after twenty years. From then on every school holiday we would visit Oma and she would talk as things came to mind and I would write, often asking extra questions to find out more. Ben my father in law had passed away early in my marriage so Em his wife was the person who provided the facts that I used to weave this intriguing and heartwarming story.



Unfortunately, my husband had been born with a condition known as haemophilia, which led to him being unable to walk for many years. This and my other family responsibilities held me back for many years from actually writing the manuscript. Em passed away in 1998 and my daughter Anita also married and moved to Melbourne. I also became unwell with CFS about this time and I could not work full time.



During these months of respite, I began to write. It took about two years after much research to put together all the fragmented information Em had given me. It was not in chronological order and I also wanted to align their story with actual events in the Netherlands during the Occupation.  Circumstances forced me to put the story aside for many years but about 5 years ago I decided I would publish it.




I rang Xlibris and began the extensive edits and adjustments. Alas this was interrupted as my dear husband became progressively worse and the care of my elderly parents demanded much of my time. Charles, my husband passed away in 2015 and finally in July 2017 I was able publish my fully edited book after a further visit to The Netherlands where I was able to clear up a few anomalies. I guess you could say it has taken the best part of two decades to finish my book but I must add, the actual writing was never hard, it just flowed off my pen.



I would like to encourage anyone who is struggling to finish their manuscript to focus on success, finish what your heart led you to do.  Also the message for readers is this: success smiles on effort, and although in life we often feel overwhelmed, keep focused on an outcome, don’t give up. Remember this- people are like tea bags. They don’t know their strength until they are in hot water!

Ben and Em’s story of survival is a wonderful inspiration and it shows ably the strength of the human spirit to succeed, no matter how difficult the road we tread.



I have already written a rough manuscript – a sequel perhaps from 1945 through to arriving as emigrants to Australia in 1953. Also very interesting and challenging times.



I have, with the help of Xlibris utilised radio interviews, press releases, obtained good reviews and more to come.  I will have the book advertised in the New York Times magazine on December 7 next month, shortly in the Readers Digest and the English Guardian Weekly. I personally have had three book launches in different places with pleasing success. I have used Facebook, Instagram and Community news online videos interviews which are on You Tube.



I have my own website, www.focusonsurvivalbook.com and invite all interested people to read my reviews. I received the Pacific Book Review Star awarded to Books of Excellent Merit and also the US Review gave a RECOMMENDED to read on this book.



Xlibris Author| Julie Bayl, Focus on SurvivalI also have an email from Stu Taylor Radio Talk Show Host, which says: “As a radio talk show host in 90 cities, I Interview hundreds of guests per year. A few stand out like Julie Bayl , “Focus on Survival”.  Her excellent book has created a lasting impression.”



I have received a number of individual letters from readers who all say, ‘loved it,’ ‘couldn’t put it down,’ ‘when is the next book coming?’ and ‘It is written so sensitively and draws the reader into the family as though they were in the room.’



The book launches have been wonderfully received and I think are most rewarding. Thank you Xlibris for guiding me along the unknown path of publishing. Also thank you for your patience.



For new and aspiring writers if you are passionate about your story focus on finishing it and publish. It is really a great feeling of accomplishment. And remember success ONLY smiles on effort.




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