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Xlibris Publishing introduces JR Gonzalez, author of The Lingstroms, Esmerelda’s Web, and Opened Windows.


Please briefly describe your books.

I have three books published through Xlibris.


Opened Windows, which is maybe a psychological thriller. It’s about abuse and the possible ramifications that come from it. It’s about a man that falls in love with a woman who tries the hardest to break his heart and drive him away; he finds out why, and decides she’s worth fighting for. In the meantime, people are dying all over town from what the police can only describe as “spontaneous combustion” but he thinks it has to do with her and has no idea of the truth.

“How far would you go for the one you love?”



Xlibris Author| JR GonzalezThe second, Esmeralda’s Web, is my “tribute” to the man that inspired me, Edgar A Poe. It starts in 1734 during the last year of the Spanish Inquisition and ends here in Los Angeles, in high school almost 200 years later. It covers witch craft, pirates, reincarnation and high school. I made Esmeralda as evil as I could, while her testimony sends an innocent woman to be burned at the stake and then her boyfriend is boiled in acid, they end up here and have to fight all over again, for their very lives, only the second time they aren’t so innocent.



The third, The Lingstroms, is a story about a man that meets a woman and they fall in love, marry and have the 2.4 kids and a fat tabby along with the picket fence. They end up in a house that has a secret buried underneath that changes their lives forever, and when all is said and done they all sacrifice more than they ever thought they could.



Who is the author “behind” the book?

Xlibris Author| JR GonzalezMy name is Jon R Gonzalez, I started writing when I was complaining about how disappointed I was in a book I waited a long time to buy, one friend said, “If you can do better!” so I tried. Until that point, I wrote poetry to impress the girls or to have more songs in the band I played drums and sang with.



Do you have any particular literary influences that have helped you develop in your genre, subject and style?

I have no pedigree in writing, only the life I have lived and the people I have known, I write “what I know” as they say, and I like to scare people, I use two catch phrases now; “Sleep with the lights on!” and “Blame me for the nightmares!” and more than a few people have told me they don’t read my books at night.



My work is influenced by Edgar A Poe and Stephen King, I have made it a habit to study people and see what makes them work and what makes them quirk, then I apply that to my characters and it helps me to make them real, there are real people in my stories, some of my mother and father, and “Flaco” was influenced or created after my nephew Raymond Gonzalez.



Xlibris Author| JR GonzalezI have played drums since I was nine years old, I saw Ringo Starr and the Beatles and for some reason; possibly because my father started at the same age but played acoustic guitar, but I saw that and felt in my heart that I could do it. I inherited my first drum set when my brother couldn’t play and a month later started my first band.




I used to have my own photography business and still do pictures for the love of it, flowers, scenic and things of that sort, everything I ever wanted to do, I taught myself.






Xlibris Publishing will return with JR Gonzalez in Part 2.

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  1. i saw a postcards advertising these books and was interested in them. I went on the Xlibris site and saw this blog. After reading it and getting to know the author and his books, i feel I will really enjoy reading his books.

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