Xlibris News| Xlibris Author Wins EVVY Award in Three Categories

Xlibris Publishing celebrates the recent good news regarding Joni Franks. Xlibris Author Joni Franks has won the Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association EVVY Awards in, not one, not two, but three categories. Those categories being Animal/Pets/Nature, Children’s Story Book, and Fairytail/Folklore/Mythology. All awarded for her book Corky Tails Tales of a Tailless Dog Named Sagebrush.




The Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association has been celebrating independent publishers with the EVVY Awards for over twenty years. Judges for these awards range from readers to critics, from authors to editors, and more. All manner of submission categories are open for both fiction and nonfiction.




Joni Franks lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She has a passion for mountain beauty, environmental protection, and animals. Joni owned a cattle ranch, raising both registered cattle and dogs. She is inspired by her beautiful Welsh corgi, Sagebrush, and by the plight of the vanishing forests and the consequences of deforestation. Joni is an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrations.




Xlibris News| Xlibris Author Wins EVVY Award in Three CategoriesThe tailless yet rambunctious dog Sagebrush, journeys into the deepest recesses of the forest, discovering the tiny unknown creatures called Shuns. The shuns have been made homeless by the giant tree-cutting machines that the humans have sent to clear the forest the Shuns once made their homes in. Sagebrush befriends the Shuns and vows to save them in a tale readers won’t soon forget. Through kindness and love, Sagebrush and a young ranch woman work together to offer the homeless Shuns a chance to live out their dreams.











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