Xlibris Author| John W. Nelson, How I Found My Dad in Texas

Xlibris Publishing introduces John W. Nelson author of How I Found My Dad in Texas.


Xlibris Author| John W. Nelson, How I Found My Dad in TexasHow I Found My Dad in Texas is a biography. It is about my search which lasted almost thirty years searching for my father. I finally found him after doing a DNA Test. The test confirmed what my mother always told me about him. I am a French TV reporter and TV Broadcaster in France.



The author chose his father’s name as a pen name but the story tells about Nordine Mohamedi, who was born in 1966 to a French mother (native from Algeria) and to a Texan Soldier who was stationed in France in the sixties.



Actually, my quest inspired me, especially the result I got. It took me 8 months to tell the story.



I want to convey my readers that science and DNA tests can give you the truth.



I think it was not easy to write this story because the truth can sometimes be moving. I think I’m still grieving 50 years after finding my father. It is like I discovered he died last week.




The San Angelo Standard Times talked about my outstanding story in March 2017. I live in France and some papers and radio networks spoke about it too.




Xlibris Author| John W. Nelson, How I Found My Dad in TexasI think that the copy-editing stage was my favorite part. I was helped to correct myself in English which is not my native tongue. I have to specify that two people helped me before this stage, my cousin Heather Wylie and my friend Naomi Dupuis-Wielmans. They both were precious hands.




I think that it is not easy to write a book about yourself. It is not easy to tell about your own life. But it is worth it when you have to tell about amazing and unforgettable moments. Everyone will be interested in your special destiny. Everyone will be interested in your perseverance among your family members and among any readers.



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