Xlibris News| Good News Autumn/Winter 2018-2019

As the days get cooler, and the nights get longer, Xlibris Publishing has some Good News to share. We’re always delighted to bring you news of what our authors are achieving, and of what they are saying about their Xlibris experience!




Xlibris author Joni Franks recently won the Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association EVVY Awards, in three categories:  ‘Animals/Pets/Nature,’ ‘Children’s Story Book,’ and ‘Fairytale/Folklore/Mythology.’ That’s three categories and three awards for one book: Corky Tails: Tales of a Tailless Dog Named Sagebrush. The EVVY Awards have been honoring and celebrating independent publishing for over twenty years. Joni’s book is an adventure of kindness and love, following the tailless yet rambunctious dog Sagebrush. We offer our sincere congratulations!


Xlibris also has news of new releases, such as Shalisha Bynoes’ tale of sisterhood in a post-apocalyptic world, Testament; Sandy Carouth’s collection of emotional and tragedy-inspired poetry, The Ebb and Flow of Life; and Andrene Gregory’s A-to-Z self-improvement guide,  Ahh… to Zen! And those are just a handful of what our authors are bringing to the market for people who love to read.



Good News- Testimonials

Andrene Gregory, Ahh… to Zen!

Xlibris Author| Andrene Gregory, Ahh... to Zen!Once I decided to move the book forward, everything went very fast. Everyone at Xlibris was on top of it, helping to bring this dream alive! It was really exciting! I was very impressed with how knowledgeable, courteous, and professional everyone was. No one dropped the ball. The Xlibris team worked like a well-oiled conveyor machine. They were able to give me clear directions pre and post publishing.









Shalisha Bynoe, Testament

Xlibris Author| Shalisha Bynoe, TestamentThe greatest aspect about publishing with Xlibris is that I have gained knowledge that has helped me grow as an author. I have also learned about the importance of selecting a package that is appropriate for my materials and helping to aggressively market my work. Lastly, working with Xlibris has taught me that through hard work and commitment anything is possible.












Sandy Carouth, The Ebb and Flow of Life

Xlibris Author| Sandy Carouth, The Ebb and Flow of LifeI’m very pleased with the work that the Xlibris Publishing Company has done, and everyone throughout the publishing process was notably professional and helpful.











Linda Pittilo, Beyond the Darkness

I went with Xlibris as my publisher for Survivors of the Darkness and Beyond the Darkness because they really listen to what I want my final product to look like.  I had a bad experience with another publisher with another book and will never go back. I picked the first one that sounded good and it wasn’t.  I am very happy with Xlibris.


I have to admit though my favorite part of the whole publishing experience is when I got my author’s copy of my book and see it in print for the first time.  My heart races when I see that box with my book enclosed.










Leah Hill, The Dead Can Speak

Xlibris News| Good News Autumn/Winter 2018My team at Xlibris has been awesome!! They took my manuscript and within a week my book was live. They were completely helpful with every inch of the process of publishing my book! Thank you much!















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