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Xlibris Publishing introduces Francis Pendlebury, author of Arkenfall.


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Xlibris Author| Francis Pendlebury, ArkenfallMy book is called Arkenfall. It is set in an original, yet recognisable and easily accessible fantasy world. The story is focused around a city called Arken, capital of an empire that could be said to be waning. Life has been peaceful and good on the whole for a few decades although the issue of an heir has yet to be settled. News comes of a fresh invasion by their ancient, demonic enemy. The book is about the choices the empress, Elspeth, and her people have to make in order to survive, and how they unravel the true nature of the challenges they face.



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I have always endeavoured to be as creative as possible throughout my life. Writing came natural to me from an early age and I remember my ambition from my junior school years of wishing to be a writer of exciting stories. At this point in my life it feels as if I had to live, experience, suffer and know the grit and grist of a difficult, dangerous and very real life, before I would garnish enough patience to sit down long enough to write a reasonably effective book.


My first book is a lively study of some of the lesser-known but highly interesting battles fought in England and Scotland at the times of The Anarchy and The Scottish Wars of Independence. I loved writing it although it is shelved for now. Then my life had to unravel to the point of having no other decision, no other hope, no other form of escape from the desperate loneliness and the utter desolation of my personal life and surroundings, with no other ray of light for me to focus upon, simply to find my way back from the dark. I had to find faith in myself, my raw talent, my persistence, my intellect and most of all my imagination, to turn my hand to writing a novel. Simply because a history book is far less likely to make a great impact upon my income! Fantasy as a genre fits the way I think, the way I create.


No boundaries, excepting perhaps those of a sales/product nature. Writing Arkenfall was like digging my way out of a collapsed tunnel, a dark mine of my own creation, towards the light of a life less suffocated. It was written in order to have the maximum potential a single book can have to take the author from a low-income, to one that can provide the support and comforts I most yearn for, for my sons, my wife, and my wider family as a whole. I hope my works make many people rich, as long as I am one of them! I suffer no delusions that my writing is so magnificent that my words alone shall propel me towards fiscal security and success, far from it. It is simply the fact that my book has the potential to become a fantasy film or TV series that could definitely increase my income many times. I work for a local government authority as a refuse collector. I worked earlier today. I showed the crew my book, which I received yesterday. They all know and some even believe my luck, charm and fate could somehow grant me great success, perhaps even a bestseller, who knows. They would love it to happen. I will be happy when I can just get off the bins! I do know that books can become bestsellers despite the ineptitudes of the author. That has happened in these modern internet times and that fact is a great inspiration to my hopes and dreams. These dreams are held up by the facts that modern computer-generated graphics can bring anything to life. Now, today, I hold the solid reality of my book in my hands. If I can get this far from where and how I started, I can go all the way, with hard work, good advice, open ears and incorruptible faith in my heart.


Xlibris Publishing will return with Francis Pendlebury in Part 2.



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