Xlibris Author VJ Parker Named Finalist at National Indie Book of Excellence Awards – Part 1

Xlibris author VJ Parker joins our list of acclaimed Xlibris self-published treasures. The first book in her Rowanlee The Twin Realms Series made it as a finalist in the Fantasy category at the recently held 2013 National Indie Book of Excellence Awards.

Xlibris Author Valerie Parker
Xlibris Author VJ Parker keeps an overflowing imagination for more page turners.

A dedicated writer since her youth, with a childlike, boundless imagination, VJ hits the mark in the fantasy writing department. The Xlibris Blog is proud to present our featured guest blogger who gives us a glimpse of her life and work.

Getting to know the author

Born in England, VJ Parker emigrated with her parents to Australia in 1962. She considers herself an average student, with a love for science and the mystery it held. She is the second youngest of six children. She proudly became an Australian citizen in the 1980s. Over the years, she has travelled around Australia, picking up new ideas for future stories. These travels developed her love for the country and the places of amazing beauty it has to offer.

She is now a grandmother to eight wonderful grandchildren who pitch in ideas for her stories every time they visit her. She enjoys watching them grow and become little dynamos, each with a unique attitude of their own.

In her childhood, writing was a way to escape and live in a romantic wonderland. Mrs. Parker wrote many stories in her youth, when love and adventure had taken hold of her and her young imagination held no barriers. Her son Stephen urged her to rewrite her childhood stories. She has now rewritten and published her tales for others to enjoy. Her experiences as an adult also enhanced her stories.  Read more about the author here.

The Twin Realm series is very close to her original writing. The third book has been deliberately left with an open ending for readers to unravel the mystery in the next sequels. If all goes well, she sees more books coming.

Starting to write again has not been an easy decision for her. This meant waking up in the middle of the night, cramming in front of the computer to write down sudden, brilliant story ideas before they slip away. It was one of those nights that her muse spoke to her and she came up with Rowanlee’s magical chant and those sung in the second book.

With her children now parents themselves, Mrs. Parker does not need to share the computer with anyone, not even with her husband who doesn’t know how to turn on the machine. Left to her own devices, she sees time flies and  words flow through the key board.

The Xlibris Blog congratulates Xlibris author VJ Parker on her award and enthusiasm for the craft. We truly look forward to seeing more books from this promising author.

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