Lane R. Warenski, Grizzly Killer

It is Xlibris Publishing’s honor and pleasure to introduce Lane R. Warenski, author of Grizzly Killer: The Making of a Mountain Man.


My first novel Grizzly Killer: The Making of a Mountain Man, is the story of young Zach Connors in the mid 1820’s going to the Rocky Mountains with his father. After he loses his father to a vicious attack by a Grizzly Bear, he is forced to survive on his own, developing the strength and conviction to not only survive, but thrive. He faces the fury of mother-nature, savage Indian attacks and marauding grizzlies. He develops the strength and conviction to survive while developing a deep love of the wilderness and its people.


Grizzly Killer, Lane R WarenskiI have been an avid reader most of my life. The history of the westward movement of America has always been my first interest. My family came to Utah in the 1850’s and learning of what the first explorers and settlers went through to survive has always fascinated me. The stories of Louis L’Amour, Zane Grey, Terry C. Johnston and many more have all influenced not only my writing but more importantly my life. Add to those stories the daily journals of William Ashley, Jedidiah Smith, the autobiography of James Beckwourth, the biography of Charles Fremont and my love of this era of American history continues to grow.


I started fishing and hunting the mountains of Utah with my father at a very young age. My fondest memories are of being in the wilderness with my family and friends. Today as then, I spend most all of my spare time in the mountains. Living in rural Duchesne County, Utah I am only minutes away from the Ashley National Forest and the settings where my story takes place. My college days were spent at Utah State University in Cache Valley, Utah which was known to the trappers as Willow Valley and was the site of the Rendezvous of 1826. I have been fortunate to have spent my whole life living in an area that was first explored by the trappers of the Rocky Mountain fur trade.


I started writing as a challenge to myself after a close friend asked me if I had ever thought about writing a book. I wanted to find out if I could. I wrote the manuscript in about three months while holding down a full time job. I then spent the next nine months correcting all the errors in it (I am not the best typist). I love sharing my love and knowledge of the mountains and the history of the west with others and have found writing is a great way to do so. I have tried to write about real history in a fictional novel keeping as true to the dates and places as possible, while telling an intriguing and compelling story of what it might have been like to be one of the first men to see and live in this magnificent wilderness.


Xlibris Publishing will return with Lane R. Warenski in Part 2.

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