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Xlibris welcomes the New Year with Good News. From the seasons of autumn and winter, we have new books and stories ready for readers to take with them into the New Year. In his short story collection SHORT, SHORT TALES, David Pliner takes on a wide array of topics, ranging from corruption and pollution to discrimination and loneliness among others. Australian author Gillian Wells delights children with a story about a dog and pony who look out for their human family in The Amazing Adventures of Bub and Tub. Michael J. Schultz takes readers on a thrill reader with his book The Vela Project, wherein a global conspiracy takes advantage of a massive bioterrorism attack to implement a new world order that the heroes must prevent from coming to pass.


In addition, Xlibris is proud to share the recent accomplishments of Xlibris authors. Sonia Pressman Fuentes, author of First—You Don’t Know What They’ll Give You has been featured in the bi-annual magazine Beacon. The Dance to Remember, by Xlibris author Mr. Kin Wong, has been awarded a 5-star review from Pacific Book Review. And finally, three-time Xlibris author Erin Eldridge has seen three of her books picked up by traditional publishing.



The three Xlibris authors below have chosen to share their experiences with Xlibris Publishing:


Gillian Wells, The Amazing Adventures of Bub and Tub

The Amazing Adventures of Bub and Tub by Gillian WellsXlibris have been very supportive and full of good advice.





Michael J. Schultz, The Vela Project

Xlibris Authors| Michael J Schultz, The Vela ProjectMy favorite part of the experience was the ability to re-write and update many aspects of the story. The plot was there but written years ago so I always feared for the timeliness of the story. By Xlibris showing a lot of patience with me, I was able to correct the issues I always felt uncomfortable with.




Erin Eldridge, Ravening Heart of the Wolf and other novels

Ravening Heart of the Wolf by Erin EldridgeI liked the control the author has and I found Xlibris so helpful and professional, really great communicators, always there to advise and support, or answer queries, and they work fast, which I particularly appreciate.





Good News


Sonia Pressman Fuentes Featured in Magazine

Eat First by Sonia Pressman FuentesXlibris author Sonia Pressman Fuentes has been featured in the Fall 2016 issue of Beacon, the bi-annual magazine of the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia. Saluting and celebrating the 50th Anniversary of NOW, the National Organization for Women, this issue of Beacon includes a profile of the organization’s founder, Sonia Fuentes. Sonia Fuentes wrote Eat First—You Don’t Know What They’ll Give You. The article itself follows Fuentes’ personal journey, beginning with her arrival in the United States as a little girl Sonia accompanying her parents, refugees fleeing from World War II Europe and the Nazi regime. The article goes on, following Sonia’s successes in academics, law, and activism.



5 Star Review for Mr. Kin Wong’s “The Dance to Remember”!

Kin Wong - The Dance to RememberThe Pacific Book Review has just given FIVE STARS to Xlibris author Kin Wong’s The Dance to Remember. Ella Vincent, the author of the review, describes The Dance to Remember as a heartwarming story, a family drama, and a tearjerker that readers will love. Ella Vincent emphasizes the novel’s capacity to stir and inspire the reader, the relatable quality of the main characters, and the vivid evoking descriptions Kin Wong uses to bring the story to life.






Erin Eldridge Picked Up by Traditional Publishing

Immortal Longings by Erin EldridgeThree books by Xlibris author Erin Eldridge have been picked up by traditional publishing companies. Both Ravening Heart of the Wolf and Immortal Longings were chosen by Desert Breeze Publishing based out of California, USA. The Ivan has been traditionally published through Austin Macauley of London, UK.










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