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The Xlibris book, Ten Thousand and One Nights by “Chicago“ Carl Snyder, has been reviewed by the publication Blues Blast Magazine.



The Author

“Chicago” Carl Snyder is a longtime professional musician who has worked with a great variety of artists and bands, including some of Chicago’s greatest blues stars. Still active in the Philadelphia area, he also operates the record company Lost World Music and hosts a weekly jazz radio show. When he was much younger, he worked as an editor at three national magazines and as a reporter for a daily newspaper.


The Book

Ten Thousand and One NightsTen Thousand and One Nights is the musical autobiography of “Chicago” Carl Snyder, who went to the Windy City in 1966 to write for Playboy Magazine and ended up playing keyboards on the road and in the studio with many of the world’s greatest blues artists. Carl played in forty-six states and eleven foreign countries, in Roman castles and Mississippi roadhouses; he has appeared on almost fifty albums, including two that won the Handy Award. Told in a quick-moving, anecdotal style, the book is replete with adventure and humor. And it presents a cross-section of American life and culture over the past fifty years, with cameo appearances by well-known actors, musicians, politicians, and athletes, plus other characters who are less famous but extremely colorful.




The Review

Blue Blast Magazine delivers a comprehensive and positive review of Carl Snyder’s Ten Thousand and One Nights. The review praises Snyder’s easygoing yet engaging writing style that does not deny or ignore the pitfalls and shortcomings of the blues musician’s lifestyle. Even though the book is steeped in aspects and personalities of the blues music culture obscure to most outsiders, the review states that readers will have no trouble thanks to Snyder’s ability to bring the culture and peoples he experiences to life.


The review can be found here: http://www.bluesblastmagazine.com/chicago-carl-snyder-ten-thousand-and-one-nights-book-review/



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