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Xlibris novel Patriots from the Barrio by Dave Gutierrez, has seen its movie rights purchased by Wilmer Valderrama of recent NCIS fame. The actor purchased the rights in conjunction with his WV Entertainment.


The Author

Dave Gutierrez is a freelance writer and author. His articles have been published in the Thirty-Sixth Division Association newsletters and Texas newspapers. He remains closely connected to his Tejano roots and Mexican American heritage. His research projects include WWII, genealogy, and Mexican American history. He and his family reside in San Jose, California.


The Book

Xlibris News| Patriots from the Barrio Movie Rights PurchasedPatriots from the Barrio is the true story of a US Army combat unit during WWII. Author Dave Gutierrez started to research the biography of relative Ramon G. Gutierrez, who served in the Thirty-Sixth Division, 141st Regiment, Second Battalion, Company E. The unit was comprised entirely of Mexican Americans from the barrios of south Texas. Gutierrez spent four years on the research and compiled several individual stories to tell one incredible story of the US Army battles in Italy during WWII. Gutierrez records the sensitive subjects of discrimination, segregation of schools, and the illegal deportation of Mexican Americans during the Great Depression.


Relative Ramon Gutierrez from Del Rio Texas was awarded the Silver Star and three Purple Hearts by the US Army. Captured by the enemy twice, he was able to escape and make it back across to Allied lines. He would also become one of only a handful of Americans to be decorated for valor on the battlefield by the Soviet Union during WWII. His true story and the men that served in the US Army’s unique and historical all Mexican American combat unit is chronicled in Patriots from the Barrio.


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