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A recent article by  the Bustle elaborates how, in a surprising move, the National Book Foundation has established a new and fifth category for its National Book Award, the National Book Award for translated fiction and nonfiction works. Effectively this means that the National Book Foundation will recognize translated books published in the United States for their artistic merit.


Xlibris News| New Award for Translated BooksTo be considered for the Award, translated books need to follow specific criteria. In addition to having been published in the United States, a book will have to have been recently published or unreleased. Most importantly, to qualify for the new awards category, both author and translator must be alive, however neither have to be a United States citizen. This decision on the part of the Foundation is an acknowledgment that English is not solely an “American” language and that artistic recognition should not be restricted by borders or citizenship.


The article posits that this action by the National Book Foundation, and similar acts by like organizations, is sign of a new positive and inclusive trend in modern American literature.


You can read the original Bustle article here.


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