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Xlibris News| Harper Lee Estate LawsuitThe Guardian has recently shared a news article regarding a lawsuit instigated by the Harper Lee estate. Harper Lee is the author of the time-honored To Kill A Mockingbird, a book inspired and shaped by Harper Lee’s own experiences. Harper Lee’s father was the key inspiration behind the iconic character of Atticus Finch- a man willing to legally defend a black man, Tom Roninson, falsely accused of rape in Alabama. It is in fact the depiction of this character that is the heart of the lawsuit.


The lawsuit is directed at the producers of a Broadway adaption of To Kill a Mockingbird, in particular the script written by acclaimed writer Aaron Sorkin. According to the Lee Estate, Sorkin’s script deviates greatly from the spirit of the novel, most especially in its depiction of Atticus Finch. The lawsuit further alleges that the script greatly deviates in spirit the characters of Calpurnia, Tom Robinson, Jem Finch, and Scout Finch.


The Lee Estate seeks to stay true to the source material, citing Harper Lee’s basing Atticus Finch upon her own father, with Atticus Finch as a resolute pillar of wisdom, integrity, and comportment.  Whereas producer Scott Rudin and script-writer Aaron Sorkin seek to pursue a more flawed depiction, wherein the man becomes the iconic Atticus Finch by the end of the play.


The original article from The Guardian can be read here.



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