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Xlibris Publishing is proud to congratulate the following Xlibris authors as finalists, runners-up, and honorable mentions in the 2017 Eric Hoffer Awards.


Named for the acclaimed philosopher and author, the Eric Hoffer Awards have been celebrating the spirit of independent and freethinking writers since the early 21st century. Eric Hoffer Award books tend to be from small, academic, and micro-presses, as well as self-published works. Submissions to the Eric Hoffer Award represent ideas and thoughts that refuse to be forced into corporate or socio-political molds.


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First Runners-Up

Memoir CategoryMommy, What’s that Number on Your Arm? by Gloria Hollander Lyon

Xlibris News| 2017 Eric Hoffer AwardsIn her novel, Gloria Hollander Lyon bears witness to the Holocaust in this compelling memoir told from the rare viewpoint of someone who survived seven concentration camps. It is vivid in its detail of her remarkable courage escaping the fate of the gas chambers and provides powerful testimony of her resilience in the face of incomprehensible suffering. Mommy, What’s that Number on Your Arm? also looks at the personal impact of the Holocaust and how Gloria found the strength to speak about unspeakable atrocities and work to educate future generations all over the world.






Reference CategorySocialism by Phillip J. Bryson

Xlibris News| 2017 Eric Hoffer AwardsSocialism is an attempt by Phillip J. Bryson to address all the important economic aspects of socialism—the concepts and theories, the historical attempts to implement socialist economic systems, and the endeavor to establish socialism in the United States.







Health CategoryEssentials of Nutrition by Joel Bressler

Xlibris News| 2017 Eric Hoffer AwardsIn Essentials of Nutrition, author Joel Bressler explores the field of nutrition. He discusses nutrition’s positive and negative effects, how nutrients interact with the body. In addition, the novel posits how proper nutrition can help prevent maladies ranging from acne to even severe neuromuscular and viral illnesses.








Honorable Mentions

Legacy Fiction CategoryThe Emperor’s Regret by Barbara A. Pierce


Legacy Nonfiction Category- It’s Midnight in Berlin by Pat McMann Gilchrist




A Conundrum by P. J. Peacock

Newlands by Gary Langford

Hope of Glory by Carolyn Scanlon McLendon

Hope, Courage & Triumph by Connie Bent

Hopscotch by Donald Ball

The Copenhagen Interpretation by Warren R. B. Dixon



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