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Xlibris Publishing introduces Noeline Slowgrove, author of TWO WORLDS, ALIENS and ANGELS, and X’LENT TALES.


What a journey I have been on since I first started to write.   My story telling began when I was twelve and there were neighbouring children in the street where I lived with my parents.   Often on summer nights, sitting on my family’s front lawn, under a canopy of glittering stars, the smell of fresh cut grass and the touch of falling dew on my bare arms, I made up stories to the kids sitting in a circle around me.  Most of my stories at that time were the adventures of fairies, elves, angels and space children hopping from star to star exploring the Universe. “Look up at the heavens,” I would tell my spellbound audience, “we cannot be alone in this vast Universe.” My interest in speculative/science fiction began at a very young age. Many years later I re-wrote and published a novel titled TWO WORLDS, and two collections of short stories titled ALIENS and ANGELS and X’LENT TALES.



Xlibris Publishing| Noeline SlowgroveTWO WORLDS was written as a journal with the voice of a young woman telling the story.  Katherine Haslington, and her fiancée Peter, are abducted by a friendly, fragile and a highly advanced race of ancient humanoid aliens. They are taken to Mars, a near dead red planet and our nearest cosmic neighbour. This book is not meant to be serious. It is a romantic comedy introducing a diverse collection of interesting characters. After arriving on Mars and experiencing an initiation into the ways of peace, the young couple are sent to live in a domed Earth colony deep within the mountains of Mars. Conditions in this colony have been adapted for the many people abducted from Earth. The ancient human Martians live beneath the surface of Mars.




Modelled after Greek architecture, there are gardens and work stations in the Earth Colony and water running from Mar’s polar caps. Katherine and Peter soon learn they are living in a utopian society where they meet up with hundreds of other abductees. Mostly left to themselves with a little help from the Martians, the colony is able to provide for itself. Except for a few hiccups, the abductees live peacefully. THAT IS….UNTIL THE MARTIANS REVEAL THEY HAVE A PLAN AND A REASON WHY THEY ARE ABDUCTING HUMANS FROM EARTH.  Two Worlds uses the conclusion of the novel to begin the story. Katherine and Peter, along with twelve other couples return to Earth. THE TIME HAS COME WHEN THE ANCIENT HUMANS OF MARS PUT A PEACE PLAN INTO EFFECT, REVEALING THEMSELVES TO THE PEOPLE OF EARTH AND UNITING TWO WORLDS.


My two collections of short stories ALIENS and ANGELS and X’LENT TALES feature sci-fi, fairies, elves, angels and children’s stories… they are diverse and mostly self-explanatory.



Xlibris Publishing| Noeline SlowgroveMy name is Noeline Slowgrove and I have been writing most of my life. While still attending school I entered a short story competition conducted by a radio station. I won that competition with a short story titled “The Princess who never Smiled.” I was awarded an encyclopaedia. I continued to write and won another short story competition, this time winning 50 pounds (a princely sum in those days).  In 1962 I travelled from Sydney, Australia to the United Kingdom where I took up employment for twelve months with a secretarial agency called Brook Street Bureau. Being a casual staffer, it was here I met many interesting people with stories to tell….AND England did have “crop circles”, U.F.O. sightings, Stonehenge and a giant white horse etched into the side of an English hill, all of which stirred my imagination.




While I was on this working holiday, I joined the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and became a “Ban the Bomber.”  Easter 1962, I joined thousands of other campaigners for world peace and marched through English towns walking for three days from Aldermaston to London ending up at Hyde Park on Easter Sunday where Bertrand Russell was advocating an end to nuclear warfare. During this march I met an incredible character who labelled himself “Bushhead.” While on this peace march I formed a story in my head about a clergyman turned ban-the-bomber. Years later BUSHHEAD became a book of poems. Soon after returning to Australia I decided to write a novel about my travels and adventures. Not wanting to write a biography, but more of a book with a mixed collection of characters, including my own experiences with a touch of fantasy and magic, I completed my manuscript and titled the book THE MAGIC MEDALLION.


Xlibris Publishing will return with Noeline Slowgrove in Part 2.


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  1. TWO WORLDS is a speculative science fiction novel. It is a written as a journal and is a romantic comedy set on another world. The characters are appealing. The fragile ancient alien race living underground on this other world Mars, have a vision for saving the Earth from self destruction. A great book for all pacifist people involved with the campaign for nuclear disarmament and those people interested in human life on another planet.

  2. Absolutely brilliant and creative writer. The short stories from the collection titled Aliens and Angels were truly delightful. Guaranteed to leave a smile on your dial :)

  3. Have read all three books and enjoyed them all. It is so refreshing to read a book that is pleasantly not dark and all not all about violence. These books take one to other places and sometimes much better than reality.

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