Xlibris Author| Shawn Gale, World of Dawn: Arise Pt 2

Xlibris Publishing returns with Shawn Gale, author of World of Dawn: Arise.


What do you like to convey to readers?

Xlibris Author| Shawn Gale, World of Dawn: AriseMy World of Dawn series was created over several years with the hopes of seeing it adapted into film and/or TV. I spent three years as a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Creative Writing dept. with a focus on screenwriting. I wanted a first-rate program taught by a first-rate teacher. I found both there, and went on to complete a screenplay for film and a pilot teleplay for TV (not World of Dawn). Both received outstanding praise.



What I learned during this time, I infused into World of Dawn in every way–compelling story world, diverse characters, riveting plot, and scenes with great cinematic potential– and as a result I’ve created something that will resonate with a wide readership and hopefully be adapted for the screen. The series is well-written, riveting, and gives the reader a huge payoff they won’t soon forget.



Events, markets, and promotion for book?

The marketing and promotion for this World of Dawn: Arise is extensive. To start, the book will be available at Xlibris, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingrams, and selected bookstores, and I’ll be promoting via social media through friends and family. My website has been updated and includes a 60 second video trailer (check it out at www.shawngale.com), which will also be on Youtube. There will be a world-wide, extensive press release. I have a one-page ad secured in Publisher’s Weekly and a 1/8 slot in the New York Times Book Review. There’s a radio interview with Stu Taylor at Stutaylor.com. There will be reviews done by Blueink, Kirkus, and Clarion, and I’ll be using blurbs from these reviews for the book cover and also for my and other vendors’ websites. I’ll be pitching the World of Dawn series to both Thruline and Paulis Entertainment for film and/or TV options.


And I’m currently in negotiations with a Canadian publicist to devise an even broader marketing and promotional campaign. Unfortunately, my current situation as a resident English tutor at an Aboriginal healing village on Canada’s West Coast makes attending events in person difficult at this time. Of course, the reps at Xlibris asked me to provide this piece for their blog. When it comes to marketing and promoting my work, every little bit helps. I look at every book sale as a victory.




Your favourite part of publishing with Xlibris?

Xlibris Author| Shawn Gale, World of Dawn: AriseMy experience with Xlibris has been first-rate. I’ve established solid, professional relationships
with the reps of the different departments. They’ve always worked diligently in helping me
produce the finest product possible, and have went the extra mile to ensure I’m always happy.
My favourite part of publishing with Xlibris has been working with reps who are patient,
understanding, and quick to communicate either via email or phone at critical times in the
production process.





Advice to aspiring authors?

I’ve met many, many people over the years who’ve expressed a desire to write fiction. In fact, I know one person who started writing seriously at the same time as me. We were both enrolled in the Fraser Valley Writers School as well as studying together and critiquing each other’s work. He’s a bright, creative person. He had high hopes for the future of his writing. But after our program at Fraser Valley Writers School, he gradually slowed down and then stopped altogether. It seemed that without the structure of a program and its constant feedback his will to stay committed dwindled. Over the years, I’ve seen this same phenomenon happen to others. Being enrolled in a program provides great potential and opportunity. At the end of the day, however, writing is a solitary act: The student will leave the nest of academia’s structure and feedback to either soar or crash.


I sum it up like this to aspiring writers: Today, a million people have the same ideas and hopes to write that you do. In six months, twenty-five thousand will be left. In a year, five thousand. In two years, one hundred. In three years, only a handful will remain. So how far do you plan to go? How strong is your desire, your will?



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