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Xlibris Publishing introduces Mike Pearson, author of The Shattered Trinity.


Please briefly describe your book.

Xlibris Author| Mike Pearson, The Shattered TrinityThe Shattered Trinity is a speculative fiction novel which combines cyberpunk intrigue and sword slashing fantasy adventure. The novel’s themes focus on disaffected outsiders as they struggle with mental health, spirituality, addiction and identity.


Who is the author behind the book?

I’m a high school English teacher who enjoys the challenges that come with teaching. It allows me to be creative when finding solutions for students who are either having a hard time or to stretch the abilities of higher-achieving ones. But one thing I can’t bring into my class room is the alternate world I’ve been cultivating in my mind for twenty years. This book has given me the most excellent outlet where I can hang out with my imaginary friends and write words down when they do or say things. When I’m not jotting these ideas down, marking assignments and lesson planning, I’m desperately trying to keep up with the never ending flow of popular culture on TV, film, games, graphic novels and books. Occasionally I’ll say hello to my friends or family.


Do you have any particular literary influences that have helped you develop in your genre, subject and style?

Xlibris Author| Mike Pearson, The Shattered TrinityIn terms of the science fiction influences, people most readily recognise tropes and themes from Dune, Ender’s Game, I am Legend, Star Wars and even a bit of The Secret of NIMH. As they have done so for so many others, they affected me so deeply during my life that they’ve forever changed me as a person. When literature changes the way you relate to others, how you see yourself in the world, that’s what reading is all about, and I hope that my own perspectives are able to do the same in my books.


I always find it funny that people ask what books influence this novel because books have only provided one slice of the pie. I’ve never read a single cyberpunk book, not even the famous ones like Neuromancer and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, but the genre has continually popped up and piqued my attention throughout my life. I think the Matrix movie attracted me because it felt like the film was asking me questions rather than cramming a message down my throat. My interest in the film led me to research its influences, the most obvious of which was Ghost in the Shell. That film and many others asked a lot of confronting questions about reality, perception and the relationship of the individual with technology and society. It was postmodernism in the purest form that I had observed at that point. I was also a huge fan of cyberpunk video games like Deus Ex, System Shock, Syndicate, Jump Rave, Shadowrun, and Total Mayhem.



Xlibris Publishing will return with Mike Pearson in Part 2.

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  1. Hi Franny!

    You wondering about that issue is kind of half the point because that’s exactly what the protagonists’ journeys centre around! I hope you enjoy the book 🙂


  2. Mike,
    Good afternoon.
    In short, your book sound drawing yet; I would want to know if I were being indoctrinated. Do you know Marc Dawson. He may have marketing hints that are useful. I have written a book with Xlibris.

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