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Xlibris Publishing introduces Larry Elkins, author of The Concept of Love.


Please describe The Concept of Love.

The Concept of Love is trying to get the reader to see the full picture of what love is, from the beginning to the end.


Xlibris Author| Larry Elkins, The Concept of LoveThe beginning is to learn how to love yourself, because this is the source of love. Without the love you have for yourself your life is led by your ego to feed its wants and needs. This is where all our suffering happens in the blind pursuit of love. Loving yourself transforms you into the symbolic shape of love the half heart.  When you are ready to love outwardly you would use the conceptual view of love to easily guide yourself safely through the path of love. Look for those who love themselves and who are ready for love. Then follow the three steps to find that very special half heart so you both can create an eternal love that is unique to only you both.


Now the half heart itself has meaning, it reveals the three stages of love which are attraction, acceptance and compromise on your morals and expectations. It also is a representation of the love you have for yourself and that is why it looks like you.



Who is the author “behind” the book?

I teach public speaking and debate for Gurus Education, where I was awarded the best teacher of 2016. I’ve been the motivational and inspirational speaker for EGA marketing. I also own a company called LarryElkins.organogold.com and I am now the author of The Concept of Love.



What inspired you to write the book?

I have seen many attempts at love including my own. I have broken it down to the essence of what is wrong with love. The two core issues are that we don’t truly love ourselves and that we are taught that attraction is love. Both of these combined have caused countless amount of suffering and the search for love and it’s now time to break that cycle once and for all. This is my inspiration for writing the concept of love.



What is the message you’d like to convey to the readers?

I want them to feel alive again, with a new purpose, to fall in love with themselves all over again I want the readers to live life knowing how important they are living this life. I want them to love and be loved.



Are you working on the sequel to this book?

I definitely have enough material to write another book more detailed and more personal. This concept of love, I painted with that broad brush I did this so the reader can fill in the blanks with his own life and therefore make this book very personal to them. Let’s see how this one is received, and then maybe we can get a little bit deeper.



Are there any events, marketing ideas or promotions planned for your book?

Well I’m going to be on the radio show twin flames divine fire on truth frequency radio on February 7 from 10 to 12 AM which is a Sunday.



What was your favorite part of publishing with Xlibris?

My favorite part of publishing The Concept of Love is that at each process it made me look at my book deeper and made me gradually make it better also with their deadlines, it helped push me along until I came to the finished product. Also there were two amazing publishing consultants that I worked with, they were very inspiring to me. They made me feel like my book was important to them and that they were very excited for me. That went a long way with me.



Any advice for other authors?

Just do it! Even during the process you have plenty of time to tweak it here in there. Plus there’re deadlines to help push you along, you’ll thank them later once you see your book in the hands of readers.



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  1. Larry,
    Congratulations on your first publication. You are inspiring! I am too looking forward to having my book published in the future. Go ahead with Volume II.

    Best wishes cousin!

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