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Xlibris Publishing introduces John Rizzato, author of A Thirteenth Hour.


About the Book

Xlibris Author| John Rizzato, A Thirteenth HourIn “In the Thirteenth Hour,” an astronomer’s son is lost in the dessert. Will radio telescopes save the child? Will college dropouts be left behind, or will a new drug save them? Is the golden age coming again Or will a young female Cherokee Indian military scout take us even further?


Follow Earth’s best mathematicians and research scientists who, with the help of the Secret Service, solve doomsday problems in “Nature Electric.” “Finding Jeremy” is more than it would seem. Can his wife and her pet cat survive the trauma of his newfound genius? “The Wisdom Not To” is about when a young doctorate student discovers a new game-changing process! Who can he tell?




About the Author

Xlibris Author| John Rizzato, A Thirteenth HourI would like to tell you why I write books! My name is John Rizzato and I enjoy the exploration of the imagination in your own mind and that of an author. I know that fiction genres are often the precursor to our and other’s futures.


Verne, Rand, Heinlein, Dante and many other authors throughout the history of modern literature, and even before that, have shown us what the future will bring and even influenced the course and science of what happens in the following centuries and beyond in human history. Many authors’ predictions or the events they describe are unfolding, or we’re seeing the first glimmers of the ‘curtain of the future’ opening, and we’re spellbound by the eeriness of something new and yet revealing that makes us shout out loud!


I think you will see this kind of hard-science future reality in my book: A Thirteenth Hour, which offers a refreshing hope for mankind and new scientific methods for making the world a better place! It is of the science-fiction genre and is available on amazon and other electronic book mediums as well as Ingram books! I thank the fantastic professionals at Xlibris who have taken this four-year work and made it possible to bring to the average reader!! I hope you enjoy the book and tell your friends to buy it. The List price is $19.99 in soft-cover and $3.99 as an E-book!


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