Xlibris Author| Finn Sienkiewich, Book of Demons

Xlibris Publishing introduces Finn Sienkiewich, author of Book of Demons.


Xlibris Author| Finn Sienkiewich, Book of DemonsThe Book of Demons series is about a young girl named Rose Silver, who moves to a new city called Polaris. On her first night in the city, she finds herself unexpectedly chased by a strange boy. Throughout the series she discovers that he, along with several others, are part of a group of people called demons. Rose befriends several of these demons and discovers that they are in desperate need of her help.



My name is Finn Sienkiewich and I am the author of the Book of Demons series. Growing up, I have always had a certain love for stories and adventures, and would spend most of my free time reading. I began writing my own stories at a young age, dreaming of eventually publishing a book. As a transgender male, many of my stories include LGBT+ characters, in my effort to show positive queer representation. I also demonstrate diversity and acceptance, through exposure to different races, genders, and sexualities.



My writing is mostly influenced by my love of fantasy and adventure stories. My main literary inspirations are J.K. Rowling, Brom, and the Grimm fairy tales. I am also inspired by my desire to aid in spreading positivity for the LGBT+ community.



Although my book is a fantasy, I try to convey a few messages for my readers to learn from. It is my hope that they will become more accepting of others and offer help to those who need it. Although everyone is different, I believe it is important to come together as a community, and spread the message of peace and love.



Xlibris Author| Finn Sienkiewich, Book of DemonsI am currently working on “Book of Demons 5” and “Book of Demons 6.”


It has been an absolute pleasure working with Xlibris. The entire staff has been so helpful in explaining things to me, as well as getting back to me in a timely manner. Everyone is friendly and easy to talk to. I will definitely use Xlibris to publish my future books.



My advice for aspiring authors is to never be afraid of writing. It can be discouraging to imagine writing an entire story, but it is important never to let that stop you. I encourage aspiring authors to write the type of stories they would enjoy reading, and to have fun writing it.



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