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Xlibris Publishing introduces Sandy Carouth, author of The Ebb and Flow of Life.



Xlibris Author| Sandy Carouth, The Ebb and Flow of LifeMy name is Sandy Carouth, and I recently published my second poetry book entitled The Ebb and Flow of Life.  It is an assortment of poems, some about real-life events and others about family, love, joy and heartache.  In my poems, I sympathize with those who have experienced tragedy, honor those who have served our country, and celebrate joyful moments that everyone’s life holds, as well as sharing the heartache we often must endure.



I am a certified fitness instructor by profession and have been involved in the realm of fitness for almost 40 years, working for the YMCA for 34 years, the YWCA for a few years prior to that, and teaching at various other establishments and churches before that.  It is rewarding, as it not only keeps me in good shape, physically and mentally, but also enables me to help others maintain the type of lifestyle they aspire, being physically fit, strong and full of energy, while making new friends and having fun while working out in classes like Zumba and Line Dancing.




I like writing poetry as an outlet, a way to vent, responding to various occurrences in our chaotic world today, and also to commemorate my family’s special occasions.  These are what drive me to pick up pen and paper and share the experiences with others.  I want my readers to connect with the poems, to feel the emotion pouring out of every page, whether it be joy, sadness, heartbreak or harsh reality.  It is a way of connecting with everyone, bonding together, even though we may be hundreds of miles apart and live in different parts of the world.



I was inspired to publish my book because of the high volume of poems that I had accumulated, and just having them organized in a book form with photos and quotes brings them to life, as well as the personal keepsake the book affords.  It took me 3 months to put the book together, working on it off and on, almost every day, when I wasn’t at my job!  I accumulated the poems themselves over a period of 10 years, after publishing my first poetry book in 2008, entitled Turning the Pages of Life.



My advice to other aspiring authors is to just do it!  Push away any negative thoughts that you cannot possibly get a book published and focus on the positive aspects of sharing your written wealth with the rest of the world!  I wanted to publish this book last year, and had thoughts of doing it the year before, but time just kept getting away from me.  Finally, late this last summer, I decided I was going to make time to sit down and organize my poems, tweak them, purchase photos to accompany some of the poems, select quotes that matched the meaning I was trying to portray in a specific poem, and set a goal of having the book ready for purchase by the end of the year.  I’m happy to say my dreams are now a reality, and I’m proud of myself for being determined enough to make my aspirations become actuality!



Xlibris Author| Sandy Carouth, The Ebb and Flow of LifeSo, if you are thinking of publishing your precious work, block off some time, even a small amount of time, each day or each week to devote to making your hopes and dreams come alive!  Never give up!  Once you’ve published your book, word of mouth is one of the best ways to promote your book: tell all your friends as well as posting it on social media and using other internet connections, such as blogs.  E-book availability is also extremely helpful these days!  Having a book signing is another great idea, as well as entering book contests.  The Xlibris Publishing Company’s Marketing Department is very helpful in getting you set up to have your book displayed in the Book Gallery at the American Library Association’s Annual Conference, held in Washington, D.C. as well as having your book information included in the ALA Annual Conference Book Catalogue, where thousands of librarians and educational book buyers come each year.  There are also regional book fair exhibitions, held in the New York Library Association and the California Library Association.



My favorite part of the publishing experience is finally getting to hold my book in my hands, turning the pages and seeing all my hard work come to fruition!  I’m very pleased with the work that the Xlibris Publishing Company has done, and everyone throughout the publishing process was notably professional and helpful.


Good luck to all you aspiring authors and never give up pursuing your dreams!



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