Xlibris Author| Janet Ely, Purple Diamonds: 100 Love Poems

Xlibris Publishing introduces Janet Ely, author of Purple Diamonds: 100 Love Poems.


Xlibris Author| Janet Ely, Purple Diamonds: 100 Love PoemsPurple Diamonds: 100 Love Poems is my first book, that will leave the reader with a feel-good impression. Having taken a folder from a drawer after many years, then editing to publish, I wanted this book to be about the power of love and the unique way it changes all of us.


There are other poems and memoirs that were written mostly years ago and left in a folder in a drawer while life happened. Always with the goal to publish, one day. To see my book with the beautiful diamond like purple cover is very much how I have always envisaged it would look, to achieve this is momentous for me.


I left school and worked at mostly unskilled positions like many I know, to earn an income and raise children. I didn’t go to college or university. My life has never been about greatness or abundance in wealth. Though I have achieved much already in my life, now I have time to devote to writing. This has held my interest more than other creative pursuits, like pottery, craft, sewing, gardening and painting.


I wrote poetry as a way to express feelings while deeply in love, often like auto writing without pause. I didn’t set out to be a writer, this is something i often did late at night while others slept. It was my time of reflexion, my quiet time.


Editing to publish took a few months, I further researched quotes to have on facing pages rather than leave them blank. I feel this adds another dimension to my book and all are about love. The poem near the back of my book, Diamonds In The Rough, is about taking pages from folders and editing to publish.


Xlibris Author| Janet Ely, Purple Diamonds: 100 Love PoemsI would advise others that have an idea for a book, or already have it in a drawer as I know others do, to go ahead and publish.


I have many other poems on life, love, grief and loss that I plan to fill a second book in 2019.


The accolade that will always stay with me is the first lady to read some of my book, she was emotional and said she isn’t normally, only that my words were so moving and beautiful. She had her hand on her heart as she said those words and I was speechless. That is so far the best memory from this experience. Also, just how beautiful the book is, having just received my first copy.



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