Boost Your Book Marketing Reach with Xlibris Book Publisher on Google+!

The rise of self-publishing has taken place in a new era where social media is now considered an essential business tool. More than ever, today’s self-published writers have limitless opportunities to expand their online presence and market their books for free – something that would have made writers of yore green with envy.

Xlibris Book Publisher is on Google+.

Xlibris Book Publisher enhances your self-pubbed book’s social marketing platform via Google+. The Google Inc.-operated social networking service has attracted over 500 million registered users and 135 million active ones, 60% of whom log in every day. Google+ is also touted as a “social layer” with more business-profitable features than its counterparts. Think of what these figures can bring to your book marketing!

Let Xlibris help you take advantage of Google+ in creating your bestseller with these tips:

Add Xlibris Book Publisher on Google+ Circles

Writing isn’t solitary in the strictest sense. Sometimes, you get your most brilliant ideas from fellow writers you’ve read or met. You need to surround yourself with people who share the same interests and goals as yours. Google+ circles lets you to do just that by allowing you to cluster people in your network, so you “share and receive updates from the right people.” You can build a circle for your potential readers/target audience, co-writers, family members, friends, colleagues, etc. Just make sure that if you’re creating one for your foes, do it under an acceptable group title because they will be notified of the circle’s name once you add them in it.

Join Xlibris Book Publisher on Google+ Communities

Google+ communities is a group’s “home base” where like-minded people can easily share news and ideas, organize events, and engage in a virtual face-to-face interaction using videos, pictures and emoticons with Google+ Hangouts.

To exploit Google+ in marketing your Xlibris book, create your own Google+ Community page dedicated to yourself as a promising author and your bestseller in the making. This Google+ feature lets you deliver your pitch directly to your target audience and people with shared interests.

Optimize your Xlibris Book Marketing!

Able to deliver information in a fraction of a second, the Google search engine comes in a close second to light in speed. Your Google+ status updates and posts immediately enter into Google’s gigantic database and get indexed so that people in your network can view your content in their search results at once.

Make the most of your Google+ status updates and posts with the right keywords and headline tags. You may find out more about this and other Google+ features from the social networking site.

We hope to see you on Xlibris Book Publisher’s Google+ Circle and Community!