Xlibris News| Good News Summer- 2018

Xlibris Publishing has some Good News to share from the Summer of 2018.


At least two Xlibris authors have won awards for their books, with many more earning honorable mentions. Brenda Turner and her book Bullying: What are we really scared? won a Pacific Books Award for category of Best Self Help. The Eric Hoffer Award was awarded to Stephen S. Clark for his book Exploring the Landscape of the Mind, with honorable mentions for many other Xlibris authors and books.


Recent releases included memoirs, such T.D. Hollins’ Diary of a Mad Band Director, time-travel, as in James T. Merle’s Chicago 1871, and crime-thrillers in the form of Helen Walters’ Imaginary. With these recent releases also come testimonials of authors’ positive experiences with Xlibris Publishing.




Fred Hoon, Hidden in Plain Sight

Xlibris Author| Fred Hoon, Hidden in Plain SightIt’s been a pleasure.





T.D. Hollins, Diary of a Mad Band Director

Xlibris Author| T.D. Hollins, Diary of a Mad Band DirectorClear communication and quick turn around.






James T. Merle, Chicago 1871

Xlibris Author| James E. Merl, Chicago 1871Everything went fast and I enjoyed the interaction with the different teams that brought it together. They were like a very well-oiled machine. I look forward to the next time, I actually enjoyed it.






Stephen Hiss, The Lion Without a Tail

Xlibris Author| Stephen Hiss, The Lion Without a TailI am very pleased with all of the Xlibris people I worked with in production as well as my point person. They demonstrated flexibility, were ready to provide guidance, and the turn-around times were excellent.






Francis Pendlebury, Arkenfall

Xlibris Author| Francis Pendlebury, ArkenfallMy book, my story, my world, is as good as it could be under the circumstances of when I wrote it. For that I am profoundly grateful that I was granted the patience, fortitude and imagination to produce a work I can truly build upon, gain recognition from, and most of all be proud of.





Helen Walters, Imaginary

Xlibris Author| Helen Walters, ImaginaryPublishing with Xlibris has been an intriguing experience.  There are so many different aspects to having a book published that I didn’t know about and having the professional team at Xlibris behind me has made the experience such an enjoyable process.  They are in constant contact with me, updating me on progress or telling me about avenues for marketing I didn’t think it would ever be a possibility for an independently published author.  I now have an educated path of where I want my work to go and how I want the world to see me.




John Zwerenz

Xlibris Author| John ZwarenzI wish to thank Xlibris for the great care they took in publishing my early works and I recommend to aspiring poets to give that company a try if other paths seem to be closed at the time.





Marie Thompson, Storm Sparrows

Xlibris Author| Marie Thompson, Storm SparrowsEvery person involved was most helpful, patient and very pleasant.






Ken Varnold

Xlibris Author| Ken VarnoldMy time with Xlibris has been beneficial for this important reason…the product is very well done. The Primitives is my fifth novel. The second one, a memoir, is not in print. I have been happy with each production done by Xlibris. I enjoy self-publishing. Their process has been smooth and professional, and it helps me as an “indie” author to have this quality.






Finn Sienkenwich, Book of Demons

Xlibris Author| Finn Sienkiewich, Book of DemonsIt has been an absolute pleasure working with Xlibris. The entire staff has been so helpful in explaining things to me, as well as getting back to me in a timely manner. Everyone is friendly and easy to talk to. I will definitely use Xlibris to publish my future books.






 Corrie Gilmour, Adventure in Ancient Azorka

Xlibris Author| Corrie Gilmour, Adventure in Ancient AzorkaThey were always complimentary towards my art when I’m sure they have seen better. Xlibris has a remarkable team working for you and I’ll need them again shortly.






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