Multi-Published Xlibris Author Louane K. Beyer Scores Good Reader Review

Having written one suspense fiction and two children’s books, Xlibris multi-published author Louane K. Beyer has made productive use of her retirement while enjoying it. She employs collective efforts of family members in her work. In fact, one of her books, Six Days Inside a Mountain, brims with her grandchildren’s creative inputs, including sketches and story ideas.  This retired business executive surely gives a different spin on creative writing.

Xlibris book Lost in Amazon
One reader gives Xlibris author Louane K. Beyer a pat on the back for “amazing detail and description, along with realistic characters and interesting events” depicted in Louane’s book “Lost in Amazon.”

Her unique literary approach may, at least for now, be short of bagging a Pulitzer or a Nobel. Good reader reviews, however, is like getting a note from a secret admirer. For a novice writer, this pat on the back goes a long way. Here’s one “secret admirer note” from Alyssa Elwell reviewing Lost in Amazon on Portland Book Review:

Louane K. Beyer’s Lost in the Amazon engages readers and hooks kids from the start; keeping them entertained from the time the characters leave the safety of their house until the time they return to it. If you enjoy A to Z Mysteries you will definitely love this book. Although this book seems to have a rushed ending, it does have amazing detail and description, along with realistic characters and interesting events. It is written in the present day and is easy to relate to. Lost In the Amazon is a great read for kids, that will help them learn about life along the Amazon.

Residing in Wilton, Minnesota, US with her husband, she enjoys doing crossword puzzles and spending time with her grandchildren. To be a published author is an accomplishment, yet to be fortunate to have the opportunity to share this experience with the family is even better, she says.

She also penned the recently released Journey to China.

Congratulations, Louane! Your Xlibris family joins you in realizing and celebrating your writing success.

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