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Xlibris Publishing introduces Korie Massey, author of Berserker.


Berserker: Forsaken World Series

Berserker, the first book in the Forsaken World Series is a fantasy fiction novel with gothic/horror undertones centered on an action packed romance between the two main characters. In a world where the gods have been slain thousands of years beforehand by the Berserkers, Leon grows up a slave gladiator in the city of Navio. The love between him and the princess Julia has been discovered and sets off a slave rebellion in the city. Leon had always been discriminated against for his ancestry and throughout their journey to escape they learn more about his connection to the Berserker of legend.


I am a hobby writer with aspirations to become a professional. I am currently a dairy farmer in the north island of New Zealand. I have spent the majority of my life writing stories, poetry and even songs. For several years now I have built a fantasy world and written books and have published my first book as an introduction to that world.


I have enjoyed reading and have been inspired by writers such as Terry Goodkind (Sword of Truth series) and Robin Hobb (Live Ship Traders and the Farseer Trilogy). Growing up I have always been fascinated by history and ancient mythology.



I was inspired by reading about Spartacus and his slave rebellion against Rome in 71-73 BC. I then found myself fantasizing about magic and what it would be like if a Viking was to be a slave in those times and the story developed from there. It took me two years to build the world through brainstorming and developing my characters and piecing together a story that would fill a twelve book series and then I spent two months writing the first book.



One message that I would like to convey to my readers is that in a world divided by race and religion we all need to focus on things that we have in common and not the differences, if we work together we can achieve anything.



This is a twelve book series with another series that predates this one and will answer the questions the reader may have. I have written the next book in the series and as this book becomes successful the sequel will then be released. Keep your eyes open for Necromancer.



Xlibris Author| Korie Massey, BerserkerAs of yet I have not planned any promotions for my book. Once i get my shipment of books I will hold a local book signing in Dannevirke. My marketing ideas will start off slow as I reach out to readers online and in person with direct sales and then I will be pushing to get my book to Hollywood.



My favourite part of publishing was telling people that I was finally writing a book. The local support and encouragement was very inspiring .The look of confusion on people’s faces when they hear that a bearded man with tattoos has the ability to write a book. Do not judge a book by its cover and do not judge an author by their appearance. The most exciting part was finally after all my hard work seeing my book online available for purchase.



My advice to aspiring authors is, when you go to bed at night think about your book and your characters, let them develop in your mind as if each one of them is the protagonist in their own story and your world will come to life. Draw your characters, adding details that will be visual so you will not forget then interview them. This will cement your characters’ personalities and histories in your mind as you write about them.



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