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Xlibris Publishing introduces Keith Scott, author of Three Uncles and a Lawman.


Xlibris Author| Keith Scott, Three Uncles and a LawmanI was born and raised on a grain farm in western Saskatchewan Canada, at the ripe old age of 17 I joined the Canadian Armed Forces and served proudly for over 31 years.  I had an interesting career and did a wide range of jobs for both NORAD and NATO, to include Wing and NORAD Operations, Senior instructor for two Canadian Forces schools ( corrupted many a young troop), NATO evaluation Team in Europe inspecting Air Bases for Operational readiness( top secret clearance).



During the Cold War I was a Russian Bear tracker and in the royal order of mushroomers for work in the underground complex of Canadian NORAD Headquarters in North Bay Ontario. I was honourably retired with the Rank of Warrant Officer and decorated with the Canadian Forces Decoration with Clasp and the Special Service Medal, and then moved to beautiful southern Alberta and have taking up writing as my full time occupation.




I have since my teens been a lover of the printed word with reading everything from Max Brand to Tolstoy. But my favorite genre has always been the western, in both books and movies, fiction and non fiction.  My all time favorite western writer and biggest influence is the master of western fiction Louis L’amour. Other favorites are Clay Fisher, Elmer Kelton, Elmore Leonard and Larry McMurtry.  I also am a history buff with particular interests in the Civil War, the wild west,  and Canadian Military history.




Xlibris Author| Keith Scott, Three Uncles and a LawmanI have always felt I had a book or two in me to share with my fellow western readers.I found I had extra time upon retirement and thought I would take a stab at creating a book and it just took over and consumed me. It took me over two years off and on to complete Three Uncles and a Lawman and I am currently working on a book of short stories that will include some of the characters from my first book and introduce a few new bigger-than-life men and women.



I have placed in my book some real people and events for the western experts to see if they can spot them, and try to reflect my dislike for abuse racism in any form, and it is the duty of the strong to protect the weak. But mostly I am hoping the readers find it a fun distraction and escape from the real world for a few hours.



I am currently looking for events and other means of promoting my first book, once the blog is published there will be more information to follow.



I would like at this time to thank the folks at Xlibris publishing for their help and advice, a well organized company that takes you through the process step by step, a very good way to promote your first book.



Now you future writers out there, a few words of wisdom from an old guy, write what you know. On your first draft do not worry about spelling or punctuation, just write out the story first. Any book is a long process so be patient and slug it through. A great author once said, “ you never finish a book you just lose interest.”  Good luck to all writer’s present and future.



Finally for my bucket list I hope that one of my stories will be made into a movie. That would be awesome.



Thanks for taking time to read my blog.  Be seeing you down the trail. Adios.


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  1. I am so very proud of you and I love the book…..Three Uncles and a Lawman. Looking forward to #2. Best wishes for all your future endeavors. Congratulations and Hugs

  2. I am currently working on a second book of short story western fiction, looking for a publisher, no more self promotion, if interested please contact me, thanks

  3. What a wonderful read. Excited for the next book. I love see someone from the Canadian prairies do great things. Congratulations from Bruno, SK

  4. Congratulations, Keith Scott, on the publication of your book, Three Uncles&aLawman. I would love to read your new book, my friend. Your friend, Jen. P.S. Hope there’re many more a books to follow.Love westerns & my favorite Western movie is Tombstone 100%…..HUGS)) on kickstart publication of ur new book, my friend. Congratulations!!!

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